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8/26/12 10:16 A

I am a big proponent of prune juice. It truly helps. And some kids don't potty train until they're 4 anyhow, so perhaps this is just her normal time frame.

Is she using an adult size commode or a training potty on the ground? I know my 4 year old was afraid of the adult size commode and wouldn't use it for quite some time- which was a bigger problem when we were out and about. I eventually bought a "Dora" seat that was removable and worked with the adult commode- she liked using it and finally started to go.

You probably have all ready purchased something, but if not, let her go with you and pick out the seat that she wants. Maybe that will encourage her to use it. If nothing else, maybe she'll
at least sit on it and get comfortable with the toilet.

Good luck!

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8/24/12 7:07 P

Some kids do this. it is called stool holding. Usually it is a temporary thing, and will stop. This is not uncommon for kids to do when they are potty training. Some see their stools as a part of them and are mortified to see a part of themselves flush down the toilet. Others simply don't like the experience of having a bowel movement. Others just can't be bothered to go because they are in a hurry to do other more interesting things.
Prune juice can be watered down and given, or put it in other juices. Make sure she is drinking enough water. Vegetables and fruits for fiber and to help move things along.

There are also books on pooping in the potty to read. Don't worry so much and fuss about it. Kids don't have control over much in their little lives, but eating and pooping are two the can and do control. The more you fuss the more the like to control.

Good luck with everything. My son did the same thing. Eventually they stop, and then you move on to worrying about something else. :)

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8/23/12 6:50 P

WHOAMI- Thanks for the support.

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8/23/12 6:15 P

It was on a doctor's order that I gave the MIralax. I have yet to get any advice from them that really solves the problem.

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8/23/12 3:35 P

"Luann - some kids have to be on miralax "

Oh, I know!
But the OP mentions that SHE has had her on Miralax, without mentioning a doctor. I have seen many people who mistakenly self-diagnose and use OTCs incorrectly. I was just concerned....

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8/23/12 2:17 P

I've got a 6 year old who has the same constipation and potty training problems - he has been on a low dose of miralax since he was 1. He was in pullups until he was maybe almost 5 because of the poop issues.

Luann - some kids have to be on miralax - my son has had 2 separate major problems because I didn't want to give him too much miralax (and adjusting his diet never helped).

Does your daughter feel when she needs to poop? My son is much better, but he will still have times where he won't feel stuff coming out. The doctor said that the nerves need time to heal from the constipation problems, and this could take 6 months or longer.

My suggestion is to see a gastroenterologist. They can help you figure out the correct dosage of miralax (along with diet adjustments if it helps her). I adjusted the dose to the point where poops weren't super painful, but only recently I learned that I should have gotten them even softer. The poops should not hurt at all.

Also - if she just started peeing in the potty recently, it just might take more time (and lots of encouragement) before she is ready. I know you really want her to move up to preschool - but some kids just take longer to potty train than others.

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8/23/12 12:17 P

Miralax for a year is bad... seriously. Worse for a three year old.

Is this on a doctor's recommendation?

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8/22/12 8:42 P

My daughter will be 4 in October. She JUST finally started peeing in the toilet 2 weeks ago and does so all the time now. She has had constipation problems in the past and got into the viscious cycle of holding poo until I have to give an enema. I have had her on miralax for over a year, and it helps, but when she goes it's in the underpants. She needs to move up to the preschool room and it won't happen until she gets this under control. I am at my wit's end...

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