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9/2/11 4:40 P


Nope, that's right - no magic pill. Sorry. Bummer, huh?

Sometimes we get caught up in the baggage of what we think "exercise" is. Even though my conscious brain knew better, somewhere down in the depths, I think I believed that "cardio" was something that muscle-bound hunks did in sweaty gyms, wearing expensive training shoes and the latest in flashy, sweat-wicking tank-tops. I.e. it was totally not me.

Imagine my surprise to find out it actually was something even *I* could do - in my living room (with bare feet and in a shapeless house-dress)

There are lots of possibilities to get started; you just need to find something - anything - that will get you moving more. Get a pedometer and challenge yourself to make the step count go up regularly. Play rock music while you vacuum so you do it faster. Play chase games with the dog. Do biceps curls with soup cans.

If you're social, there are all sorts of classes at the Y, at community college continuing ed programs, at gyms. If you want to do things on your own schedule, there are tons of videos - yoga, tai chi, zumba, different ethnicities of folk dance, basic aerobics, on up to high-intensity stuff. (Walk at Home is an easy one - we already know how to do that, and it's not as boring as it sounds, once they start throwing in the extra aerobics moves... )

Once you find something you don't hate, you'll probably find that your state of mind changes ; you're more optimistic, and feelin’ pretty good, and maybe want to push yourself a bit, or add a little variety, and you may find yourself checking out some SP challenges and saying "yeah, I can do that" - and you'll know you're on your way.

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9/2/11 2:27 P

Stretching is a good start but as the room says is no more excuses. I know its more enjoyable to walk with someone but this isnt for others its for you. I used to find all kinds of reasons not to exercise and in my mind they were good excuses. Then I realized they were not good just another reason not to get up and do what I know is right. That meant that I needed to get my tail moving. Oh I had read about all the things I could do that appeared to be exercises and I tried them but nothing really worked and I told myself I was trying so it was ok that I wasnt in shape and fat. It must not be my fault

I have been on SP now for 3 and a half months and have lost 21 lbs. I have a long way to go but I realized that doing it the easy way is what I had been doing for years. If I want to succeed I have to do it like the people who are in shape. Watch what I eat and exercise hard. I started where 30 minute walk was painful and now I walk at least 2 hours a day.

I apoligize if I seem hard but we need to stop fooling ourselves and put the effort needed to succeed

TERMIN Posts: 12
9/2/11 2:00 P

so, no magic pill - again :)

Thanks for the responses. I haven't been able to get back to this website for a couple of weeks.

I'm "thinking" I will start with stretching. I do think my main problem is lack of exercise. Not that my food intake is that good, but I seem to be able to manage that if I try.

Sakeen, you hit the spot for me when you said you quit when you have to start exercising. I think that's my problem exactly

My husband does landscape management - he walks all day every day. I HATE to walk with him cause he walks so fast. I have a problem trying to figure out what I should do, then asking everyone else what they do. I'm in such bad shape right now, I'm hoping stretching will help me limber up so that exercising doesn't sound so painful .

Again, thanks so much for responding.

SAKENN Posts: 48
8/28/11 3:16 P

I didn't really have a single light-bulb moment - it was sort of an accumulation of "nuisance factors" that piled up until things reached a tipping point - discomfort when bending over, feeling like a sack of potatoes when I tried to get up off the couch, not being able to keep up when walking with others, being out of breath after one flight of stairs, the awfulness of airline travel, etc, etc.

With earlier weight-loss attempts, I'd always given up at the point that I needed to start exercising to continue losing - and then gained everything back plus some. So I KNEW that I'd have to do it. It was a few weeks after I'd started tracking calories on SP - and reading so many stories of other 'losers' - that I finally gave in and took the plunge by getting a Leslie Sansone Walk-at-home DVD and joining a challenge

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8/27/11 5:04 P

to most of us there isnt an exercise that sounds fun or clicks you just have to choose the one you can do and then do it. No one can do it for you or get you motivated but you. I hated walking but now I love it and am always looking for new places to walk. the more you do it the more you cant have a good day without it.

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8/27/11 2:17 P

I've been waiting for the lightbulb moment... but it hasn't come. I've been waiting to find the "perfect" exercise program that I would enjoy... but it hasn't happened. I've been waiting for my husband to agree to exercise with me... but that will never happen.

It's time for me to stop "waiting" and just start!

gail emoticon

TERMIN Posts: 12
8/22/11 6:18 P

I was just browsing around to see about motivation and what finally gets someone to get going.

I've heard some good ones, but nothing seems to attach to me. I've seen the mirror too, but since I never ran marathons( I was just naturally skinny - until about 30 ) so I'm not necessarily mad - maybe disgusted.

Does anyone else reading this have any to say about what got them off the dime and onto working?


YOGABELLE Posts: 735
8/21/11 7:07 P

I like this! Bella

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8/18/11 9:38 P

Great philosophy.


LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,673
8/18/11 11:26 A

Glad you got your groove back!
It sounds like you are on the path to a healthier life.

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8/18/11 10:23 A

Thank you, I really cant tell what made it all click for me but one day I got out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror and was mad at myself for letting myself get to this point. I used to run marathons. I, like so many others made excuse after excuse not to exercise. To me Spark People has been a blessing. It took a few weeks to find my groove in here but Ive started loosing and now up to 2 hours of exercise a day at least 5 days a week.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,673
8/18/11 8:50 A

Nice post Dave!

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8/16/11 5:39 P

i have been making excuses for years about no time or its cold or to hot. Give me a few minutes and Im sure I can come up with more reasons not to exercise. The reality is we all have time we just need to find it and get moving. Youll be amazed how good you will feel

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