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10/4/12 9:52 P

15 lbs in 2-1/2 months may be pushing it. With the amount you have left to lose as well as what you're current weight is and your admitted struggle, a lb a week may be a more appropriate gauge. When I got married my dress was completely altered a month ahead of time, but I would talk to whoever is doing your alterations.

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10/4/12 2:24 P

Talk to your seamstress about alterations. When will she absolutely need to have you put your dress on for the last time in order for her to have enough time to alter it? She will know best.

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10/4/12 2:09 P

I have had a lot of trouble commiting to a healthy way of life after losing and gaining 25lbs. I have two and half months till my wedding and have not seen the results I have wanted. I am on a better path to buck down but i know that ideally I still would like to lose 15lbs. I know I can do this in the time I have but not sure what to do about the dress. I dont mind getting alterations instead of odering a size down but I don't know how far in advanced I need to get the alterations done. I know I can lose the weight in time I just don't know about all the details that would have to be changed if and when I do lose the weight.

any advice?

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