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3/29/12 11:18 P

My response is based on the fact that "toning" does not exist, it is a beauty and marketing term. In the fitness and training world there is a term called tonus. That term is specific to a single measurable physical evaluation which is the resistance of a muscle to pressure. It is not visible since it can be measured beneath a layer of fact.

Visible demonstration of muscle is exclusively a function of the lack of overlying body fat and has nothing to do with resistance training producing something called "toning"

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3/29/12 8:34 P

Sergeant Major, I've seen you say that before, and I still don't understand; what about "toning" is a bad thing? When people say they want to "tone up", they mean they want to have visible muscles... better muscle tone.

Could you elaborate on why this is a bad thing?

3/29/12 8:06 P

"Toning up" man do I hate that nonsense beaty maven marketing phrase, it doesn't exist.

Rant over, I am of the full body compound exercise workout every other day school of personal trainers. Non strength training days are fine opportunities for cardio,yoga, cycling whatever active thing you choose to do as a workout.

Cardio is of lesser importance in a fat loss and fitness programme than is strength training so it merits fewer workouts.

I am Sergeant Major and I approve this post.

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3/29/12 6:56 P

WOW................70 lbs. gone.....yea 4 U.. you can do it at home I did. And as far as strength training figure out what you want to get from it. I take a Group Power weight lifting class and I lift 2 days at home. I want to get muscles. Now at the class today 2 women said that they just want to tone up. Well that is ok for them. Good luck.......... emoticon

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3/29/12 10:11 A

Strength training works by creating microscopic tears in the muscle fibers, which then grow back stronger. But it takes time for this to happen, which is why most experts recommend resting the muscles 48 hours between strength training sessions. Following an all-body routine, realistically this implies 3 ST sessions per week. Although it is possible to ST every day with a split routine, so that each muscle GROUP (upper body, lower body and core) gets 48 hours rest.

Mixing things up in terms of forms of exercise is actually a good thing, as it stops your body getting used to any one form of exercise.


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3/29/12 10:11 A

Cheetara is right, you don't need to join a gym, you can do it at home. And you can strength train every day, as long as you aren't doing the same muscles every day. (Like Coach Jen said)

Congratulations on your loss, you can do this, and it will be great!

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3/29/12 7:38 A

If you're new to ST, you might want to check out the 28 Day Bootcamp here on Spark. It gives you a 10 minute ST video to do every day.

I don't think you need to join a gym. I do my ST at home - 3 days a week of a full body work out. I have a dumbell set and an exercise ball for equipment.

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3/29/12 6:53 A

Congrats on your weight loss so far!

You want to give your muscles at least a day of rest in between strength workouts. So you can do legs one day, arms the next if you'd like. But if you're doing total body workouts you should rest at least a day in between. It's fine to change things up throughout the week as long as you're adhering to that "rule".

In general, the most effective strength workouts are those that fatigue your muscles in 8-12 repetitions, 1-3 sets. So if you're doing a video that has 100 reps of something, that's probably not the most effective use of your time. That being said, you can definitely get a good strength workout without belonging to a gym. You just have to make sure you're challenging yourself.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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3/29/12 3:31 A

I have a few questions about different types of workouts. First, a lot things I have read about strength training say I should only do an ST program 2-3 days a week, is this true? and how hard and fast is this rule- can I lift weights more than this? Also I've been trying to change up my workout routine, mostly I've been running 3 miles, 4 days a week, and one day of ST. Should I stick with a set routine for the week or can I jump randomly to different things, such a yoga one day, hiking the next, strength training other days, and running two days a week. I just want to make sure I am maximizing my workouts, I've lost 70 lbs so far and have only about 20 more to go. At this point I'm not so stressed about the weight loss as much as really toning up. Also, do workout videos really work? To get a well toned body will I eventually need to join a gym or can I still accomplish this on my own? Thanks!

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