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KHASH93 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/18/12 1:55 A

I am dead set on trying Zumba. I've been a dancer for years, so I know this would definitely suit me! Any tips, suggestings, success stories, please let me know!

YOUELD SparkPoints: (0)
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8/20/12 3:12 P

I have started o use Zumba four out of five weekdays, and I usually only do the 20 minute version, but I am going to try to get more time in "on the floor" I am finding that not doing it on the weekends seems undo the effort I put in that week.

BECKYG12 SparkPoints: (9,370)
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7/20/12 10:06 P

I tried ZUMBA for the first time on Thursday morning. Since Thursday, I completed the first work out then, I did an additional ZUMBA class yesterday evening with 2 friends that did not believe me that it is addicting! LOL.......did I prove to them it was? Sure did, they met me back there this evening for a class. I never thought I would move that fast, sweat that much or have enough energy to complete 1 hour long classes without running out of breath or panting like a dog. I am totally addicted and even though I hurt I feel great! I am a ZUMBA lover for life. Hopefully everyone that reads this message board gets inspired to atleast try one class. That's all it takes to get hooked.........

EAWESTON1 Posts: 93
7/10/12 12:36 P

I just finished the "Fat Burn" 10 Day routine on Sunday, but I have yet to do the final measurements. Started the toning one yesterday. I am so hooked on Zumba!!! It's an exercise that I love and I at least feel makes a difference in how I look. I know that I was on the cusp of fitting into a smaller size of pants before I started and I'm in them now. :)

7/9/12 3:55 A

Hey, I would be up for this challenge.

I'm new to Sparkpeople and plan to start Zumba workouts tonight. Day 1 (09.07.12)...stay tuned!

GAMMAZ2006 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/22/12 3:53 P

I started Saturday with my first ever Zumba class and love it! So I'm down with this 10 day (05/22/12) is day 2 of zumba! I attend in Derby at the The Edge Fitness.....I'm so addicted already! Ill let ya know how I'm doing! emoticon

SPYSAAY SparkPoints: (0)
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1/6/12 11:41 P's harder than it looks LOL one is done.

SPYSAAY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (551)
Posts: 43
1/6/12 6:50 P

Hi everyone! I'm starting the Zumba Challenge (do Zumba everyday for 10 days and you are supposed to be able to lose about a pant size. Eating right also, of course.)
I am starting tonight. Would anyone like to join me or...has anyone done it?

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