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2/26/13 5:00 P

FIT_BY_30, When you are building muscle the scale will not be your friend. Since muscle is heavier than fat per square inch, you can be losing fat and slimming down yet the scale might not change. The better way is to use a tape measure, or just go off of how much better you feel being stronger. Also remember that muscle will burn fat even when you are resting so the fat will come off even when you are not working out. Good Luck

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2/26/13 3:46 P

I, too, am a woman that can admit when men are right. In the week I have been lifting with my husband, I am seeing definition in my arms where definition used to not be. Granted, it's not much, but its there. Now if I can just get to the weight loss part of the program, I'd be doing GREAT!!!! :)

2/13/13 1:40 P

@Sailor, that reminds me of a joke my husband told me: "If a man says something in the forest, and no one is around to hear him, is he still wrong?"

Yes, indeed. I am more than happy to admit that men are right, when they're right. I must have been out in the playground when they were passing out the rule books that say Men Must Be Wrong and Sheepish, and Women Must Nag A Lot.

And as for the weight training, the results are good and FAST. Although my scale has barely budged, I've already dropped one trouser size and had to change the cut of my jeans from slim fit (i.e. no curves) to curvy fit. I am VERY happy with the results. Husband seems to be as well emoticon

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2/12/13 9:52 A

Did I hear right?!?

Did a woman say men were right about something? Congratulations to Trinity on her paradigm shift and being stronger than she ever thought she could be.

Good for you.

BENNYTINNY Posts: 2,379
2/7/13 10:09 A

My wife is having the same struggle; she's lost a lot of weight since coming to SP and she knows that she should do some weight training. This will help encourage her to do the strength training thanks for sharing. Benny

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2/6/13 6:42 P

Some times it takes a while to overcome the old myths, glad to hear you worked through it. Most girls do not listen to us guys when we say it so maybe you can spread the Good Luck and keep it up

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2/1/13 5:48 P

Glad to hear it. Do your fellow ladies a favor and spread the word.

2/1/13 5:39 P

...about not turning into the Incredible Hulk-ette when lifting heavy weights!

I started working with a trainer last week, and he has me lifting weighs heavier than any I've lifted before. Not actually *heavy*, mind you (the highest so far is a 20 lb medicine ball), but way heavier than the cute pink 1 and 5 lb girl-weights I've been using up until now.

And surprise! I haven't turned into a lumpy, bulky girl. In fact, it seems to have accelerated my weight loss a bit.

So...THANK YOU ALL for the good advice (although it took me months to work up the nerve to try it)


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