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3/29/12 6:43 P

shin splints are an RSI - the damage is done to the outer part of your shinbone (the front of your leg). if you're an aggressive walker - iow, you tend to "march" rather than "stroll" - then that can do it. shin splints happen to new skaters because they pull the front of the foot up a lot trying to keep their balance (same movement as lifting off the gas while driving). if you have weak ankles or pronate a lot (roll your feet inward, sometimes misdiagnosed as "flat feet" but isn't really a collapsed arch), you are more prone to shin splints. also contributing would be a weak or inflamed achilles tendon.

things you can do: first, start by developing the strength in your lower leg. you can even do this at home: stand on the bottom stair so your heels are hanging off - only the ball of your foot is actually on the step. lightly rest a hand on the handrail for balance then slowly lower your heels as far as you can go - stop when you feel a stretch. contrary to popular belief, you don't go "as far as you can" and then bounce - only go until you feel the tightness. hold it there for a count of five, raise up high on your toes for a count of five, lower down to the tight point again for a count of five.

do this as often as you can before stopping - record your reps.

repeat twice more, resting 2-3min between sets, give it 3 days betw workouts.

at the gym, you can duplicate the exercise using the leg press - straighten your legs (but don't lock your knees - NEVER lock your knees when under load!) and use just your feet to push the plate.

there is also a seated calf raise station at most gyms but that's a bit extreme - you'll really feel that one and likely won't be walking comfortably for a while.

check the wear pattern on the bottoms of your shoes. if you find the inner edge is worn more than the outer, you NEED to bin them - even if they're only a few months old (i have to get new shoes about every six months). that wear pattern will make your existing foot dispositioning even worse. go to am orthopedist or at least proper athletic shoe store that serves professional athletes and have them analyze your gait to determine the best shoe for you bec not all shoes are created equal.

make sure you're not wearing a wedge-heeled shoe such as a walking shoe or an aerobic shoe for working out - you need to use cross-trainers or something else with a wide, flat sole and good lateral support.

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3/29/12 6:31 P

My issue with ellipticals is that my feet ALWAYS cramp up on them! I don't know if that happens to other people, but it is SO distracting! I forgot all about swimming! Havent owned a swimsuit for years lol. Thanks for the tips ill use them! :D

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3/29/12 6:29 P

I'm signing up at Gold's Gym tomorrow! I just want to be as prepared as possible so my first workout day is very productive! I am SO out of shape lol. Your schedule sounds awesome to me :D What belly dancing DVD do you use? I hear thats super good for your core (which is my biggest problem!)..

You're doing great for not having much mobility :) I like your determination :) I need some of that haha. I started my diet first to make sure I have it under control before I started the fitness regimen.. My biggest problem is boredom eating and eating before bedtime..

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3/29/12 6:25 P

I'd go with walking or cycling for cardio and some strength training to build muscle. I'm fighting with shin splints off and on but slowly building enough strength and endurance that I don't get them as badly anymore.

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3/29/12 6:18 P

I weigh roughly the same, and I go to the gym 3x a week. I'm also laid up right now, recovering from achilles tendon surgery, so I can't do much lower body. I don't know if it's right for you, but here's my whole workout schedule:

Tues, Thurs, Sat- gym: Stationary bike for 3 miles, with a little resistance as my warmup, then I do abdominal crunches, bicep curls, tricep extension, overhead press, chest press, rows, squats, leg extensions, and calf presses, all with varying weights. Then I stretch, a LOT!

On my off days, I do a plus sized yoga video (with some modifications for my lack of right-foot mobility), or a belly dancing workout. Recently, just because it's fun, and I'm trying to get my son into working out, I started a medicine ball routine, at home.

I don't know what would be the "biggest punch" but strength training is where it's at, for me. I'm not big into cardio, and I can't really walk/run yet, but this seems to burn oodles of calories. I'm losing more than a pound a week, and I eat roughly 2100 calories a day.

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3/29/12 6:17 P

I started at the gym at 255 pounds. My best friends were ellipticals, because they're as good of exercise as running, but they don't have the pounding effect that running does on your feet. You are completely supported the whole time, but get your legs, arms and even butt moving.

Other ideas...low impact aerobics, swimming, weight lifting and dance classes.

You could also try spinning. The best thing about Spinning is that you don't have to keep up with the class, you just have to keep up with yourself. I'm the slowest spinner in my class, but I do make it the whole hour.

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3/29/12 5:59 P

I have had a history of shin splints even before I was overweight. I was wondering what exercises you would recommend to pack the biggest punch in this weight loss game? I need help!

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