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1/13/12 4:54 P

Happy new year to all, albeit a belated one. Especially all the American Spark Guys, hope your winter is not to painful. I am relatively new to this site and to the regime of regaining my health and fitness and look forward to hearing from you especially with your experiences and motivational hints and clues. I plan to lose 40 KGs by 05 Oct 2012, (and don't intend looking for them), a long hard slog but one I look forward to sharing.

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1/6/12 3:41 A

Happy New Year

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1/5/12 1:48 P

wish u luck and a safe winter!

N0_EQL Posts: 627
1/5/12 7:13 A

Well this week is some of the coldest weather so far this season in the NE. Last night my wife, lying in bed hears a noise.

We are in a mobile home and the water heater is leaking just on the other side of the wall. In our case the water heater is accessed through an exterior door.

At work today I have commitments to do 2 major repairs. So best case, it is going to be late afternoon till I can begin this project. I will probably cut the water lines and drain the tank before I leave for work.

The only "up" side to this is that I believe the water heater is under warranty. Eleven year tank warranty installed in 10/2007

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