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BECKAH77 Posts: 952
3/28/12 4:22 P

i just celebrated my 4 year re-birthday after my gastric bypass in 2008. my weight has been stable for 2 years, but i'm still technically "overweight" according to the BMI charts & about 40lbs from my personal goal. i believe the surgery is one tool to help with weight loss, but it's not a magic solution.

i've been through extensive therapy including weekly nutritional counseling to beat my food demons. my recommendation is to take this all one day at a time, and don't be afraid to ask for help, especially from a health professional. i know many people feel to ask for help is to show weakness. it's actually a show of strength to admit that you need someone else. it wasn't until i reached out for help that i really started to get better.

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3/27/12 12:40 P

Thats the key problem with this type of operation.. Giving the stomach the operation is not going to stop people thinking about old habits or avoid them falling back in to bad habits only continual education will teach people to eat healthy and take care of the stomach and what is left of it depending on the form of operation..
I have met people whom have had post operation problems getting plastic surgery, others that have blackouts and have had their driving license removed from them..
Education with a dietitician and a behaviour therapist is the only way to get over this need to overeat..

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CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,971
3/27/12 12:32 P

It sounds like you need to completely revamp your eating habits. That sounds like a very daunting, huge task and frankly, it is. But if you break it down to small steps, take it day by day and reward yourself (not with food), you CAN do it.

For example, for the next week try to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. At the end of the week, reward yourself with something like a magazine, a new houseplant, a manicure, etc.

Figure out how else you need to improve your food intake, set some small goals and rewards up and GO FOR IT! You don't have to change everything all at once. In fact, you shouldn't change everything all at once because that will make you more likely to get frustrated and give up.

Finally, if your bariatric surgery did not give you the results you were expecting, talk to your doctor about that.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/27/12 10:22 A

Dragonchilde could not be more right! Everyone here loves to eat, and likely, loves to eat crappy food. I do. I used to inhale cookies and eat a piece of cake that could be considered a CAKE. I don't do this anymore, but I still think about the fact that I COULD. I CHOOSE not to. You have to do the same. CHOOSE to make it through an hour making healthy choices, then two hours, eventually you will make it through a day, then another, then a week, then a month, and wonder who the heck was so worried about going through it all! Sure, you will have fallbacks, and it won't be easy, but just know that every other person has too, pick yourself up, dust yourself up, and start over. You can do this.

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3/26/12 8:20 P

I think the real key is to take it one step at a time. Focus on your next step... not the one a year from now. Aim for your next lb... not the 20 after it. Don't focus on what happened before. Focus on what's next... one step at the time. The way you get through each day as it comes is just to get through each day as it comes. I don't fret over what I ate yesterday, nor do I fret over what I'm eating tomorrow.

I worry about today... and that's it!

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3/26/12 6:51 P

I have struggled with weight all my life and I had a gastric band in 2001. I lost 100 pounds initially. I never ever got IT. I never realized that the band was put on to help me achieve caloric restriction to 1200 calories a day. I was still fat, I ate junk and nutrient deprived food.

Now that I get it, I finally realize that even thin healthy people dont get to eat all they want. They have to quit with the cookies, refined sugar and sweets. It is hard for them too. That never occured to me that they struggle too.

Keep believing in the plan. Walk as far away as you can from wherever the food is located. Plan, plan, plan! keep some oranges, grapes, strawberries, celery in the house. Salsa and celery makes an excellent replacement for chips. You can do this and it is not easy whether you do it alone or with surgical help. Good Luck and God Bless you

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3/26/12 6:22 P

I don't know if anyone else has had this happen to them...but I seem to suffer from withdrawl! I had bariatric surgery (VSG) in October of 2010. I should have been to goal weight by now, but I slipped up big time! Now, I have started back with SparkPeople and I'm on Day 3. One of my problems is ... I suffer from withdrawl! I sometimes cry...I get very angry...I feel sorry for myself and I think this is why I fall off the wagon so many times. So 3 as I said..and I'm doing ok! I've kept track of my calories (and they do seem low, but for my surgery, I don't eat that much.) Really, this should have helped me lose the weight, and rapidly, but with my VSG, I can still graze! and graze and graze...and on the wrong stuff. No, bariatric surgery is not the easy way out! It's a lot of work! One downfall is that we can't even drink that much at a time and not diet sodas...the gas will put us into agony (well, me, anyhow!)

How does a person stay motivated and simply feel good about getting through each day as it comes?? emoticon

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