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5/12/12 8:28 P

Great introduction Sadie! Welcome to SparkPeople. emoticon

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5/12/12 11:58 A

Good going, Sadie! You've been so successful already that I have every confidence you can continue to progress in the thoughtful, sensible, persistent way that you began. I do diabetes research and know what a gift you are giving to yourself and all those who love you. All the best! Susan

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5/12/12 9:10 A

Hi Sadie!!! wow good for you on the 50 pounds!!! and the water work is fantastic!!! so glad to have you with us!!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/10/12 10:40 A

Good luck. Seems you got a good plan in the making.

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5/10/12 12:35 A

Hi I'm Sadie:
I originally joined back in February and would up in the hospital for a while. I'm finally ready and feel like this is where to start. i thought long and hard about Weight Watcher's and just couldn't justify the weekly expense. I've decided to use what;s in the house and frig and go from there. I'm excited and I know its time to feel better.
Guess how I came up with that solution? After a bad reaction to a medication I began water physical therapy. I had been going twice a week to warm water aerobics and had begun to love it. Well, the physical therapy time in the pool convinced me that was the way to go. I've lost inches and I feel great after class. The tiredness is not exhaustion but a good old fashioned working in the garden or around the house tired. I find that I miss it when I don't go. So that will be a definite form of activity for me. I plan to work up to five days a week. Just not sure how to log those minutes. But, I'll learn. i have a schedule for using water dumb bells and floats in the water also. I'll do those after class. So now you have it. I'm new and ready to get down to work. I'm also a diabetic. No pills just diet and exercise and i lost over 50 lbs. and they took away the pills.

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