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BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
6/18/12 6:51 P

I would add in some carrot sticks (fiber) and a small serving of almonds (good fat) and see if that helps.

Also, I eat every 2-3 hours, so it is normal to feel hungry sooner than you are used to for the reasons the other posters have stated.

SONICB Posts: 4,381
6/18/12 6:15 P

My meals usually need a good balance of carbs, protein, and fat to be filling and last any longer than an hour or two. Sometimes I can get away with a carb- and fat-heavy meal, but carbs & protein (and low fat) together don't seem to do the trick.

MAGGIEMURPHY4 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 936
6/18/12 4:25 P

I would suggest that you spread out your meal. A peanut butter sandwich with skim milk is very healthy, you have healthy fats, whole grains and diary. Try eating the apple and rice cakes as a snack instead of all at one sitting. I do that for Breakfast all the time. I eat a Bagel with cream cheese at 7:00 am and then around 10:00 am I eat an orange. That holds me to lunch. Lunch I will make a big salad with some kind of protein and olive oil and eat half and the other have around 2:00 pm. Sometimes that's enough to hold me to dinner and sometimes it isn't. Some people have to eat every couple of hours it keeps our blood sugar level. No spikes and falls. I also leave an extra 200 calories for after dinner so I can have a bowl of cheerios and skim milk or microwave popcorn in front of the tv before bed. The other thing I have to do is make sure I spread my calories out evenly through the day not have 200 calories for breakfast and lunch and then have 800 for dinner.

Also there are no low calorie fats they all are 9 calories per gram. Just choose healthy beneficial ones like olive oil, nuts, seeds and so many healthy fats

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AMYLYNN0908 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 51
6/18/12 4:02 P


What you, BRENNA84 and DRAGONCHILDE said about fats makes a lot of sense. For what I have eaten so far today, I have only consumed 5 fat grams. With adding benefiber to my water, the fruits/veggies, etc. that I eat throughout the day, I'm usually way over on fiber; however, that hasn't been keeping me feeling full. I'm doing ok so far today, but I am reaching a hungry point - for which I have some raw almonds.

Do you have suggestions for healthy fats that aren't high in calories?

Thank you :o)

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
6/18/12 8:21 A

I would eat more fruits & veggies as well as eating higher fiber carbs; throw a banana on your sandwich at lunch. Fiber's going to help keep you fuller longer, so is protein. The rice cakes have almost no nutritional value whatsoever so I'd look to replace those entirely. What do you eat for breakfast? The benefiber isn't likely doing the job either if you're only using 1/2 tsp as 2 tsp = 3 g Fiber, so you're not even getting a gram of fiber in a glass, whereas if you ate an apple, you'd have 5 g of fiber.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,943
6/18/12 7:51 A

Your sample meal is missing a key component: vegetables. Maybe if you ate a couple of servings of vegetables with the rest, you would feel more satisfied.

Also for me, sometimes my satisfaction doesn't just stem from WHAT I eat. How I eat also matters. I could scarf down a sandwich, an apple and milk in just a couple of minutes, I'm sure. But if I take the time to slow down, enjoy each bite and savor my meal, I am usually much more satisfied afterwards.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/18/12 7:38 A

As confirmed by others, balance is the key.

Ensuring you get a good balance of fats, protein and carbs is the key.

Veggies, combined with, say, tuna, in that sandwich, perhaps?

Snack on veggie sticks, tofu cubes, peanut butter on celery
all these things can help.

I always pack snacks when I'm working from the office - a piece of fruit, veggies (not the sticks that are "chips" but real veggies, cut in sticks).

Hope you can find a good balance that works for you (quantities and timing)

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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Posts: 9,717
6/18/12 1:12 A

Healthy doesn't mean unsubstantial. You had a sandwich, some milk, and an apple... the rice cakes barely qualify as food, in my book. ;)

Are you eating enough over the course of the day? Filling your meals with more fat and protein will help it stick to your ribs. What you ate was a very light lunch... personally, wouldn't keep me full for long, either!

Carbs aren't evil, and you can certainly have them if you like.

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,570)
Fitness Minutes: (72,807)
Posts: 2,075
6/18/12 12:41 A

have you tried measuring to make sure you are actually consuming 2-3 oz of protein per meal? and healthy fats? maybe make some guacamole and use it as a condiment? butter or smart balance?

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,466
6/18/12 12:22 A

Eating a high-fat meal slows stomach emptying--so fat produces feelings of satiety. That would probably explain eating fatty things like cookies, donuts, etc...and feeling full. Including healthy fats in each meal may help you feel fuller longer. Even then, I get hungry every 3 hours-- so I eat bfast at 9am, lunch at 12pm, a snack around 3-4pm, dinner at 7pm, and a snack around 10pm! It's normal to feel hungry after around 3 hrs-- you just need to have small meals every 3 hrs to help you feel full all day, rather than eating huge meals every 6 hrs. Hope this helps some!

AMYLYNN0908 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/17/12 11:26 P

Is there anyone else who can't seem to stay "full/satisfied" on healthy foods? It seems whenever I eat healthy, I'm hungry again in an hour or maybe two. Even with drinking tons of water, putting benefiber in my water, etc. For example, for lunch I had peanut butter on whole wheat bread, a cup of skim milk, an apple, and some caramel-flavor rice cake bites. I drink about 10 glasses of water daily, more often with 1/2 teaspoon of benefiber mixed in. Less than two hours later, I was starting to feel hungry again. However, if I were to fill up on cookies, kids' cereal, doughnuts or the like, I'd stay feeling "full/satisfied" for four hours or more. Can anyone help me to figure this out?

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