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7/20/12 1:01 P

I have been losing weight since the first of March, I had to drastically change my diet due to a stomach condition. Through May and June even though I was still losing it had started to level off 2 pound every 2-3 weeks. I made more changes around the time you notice them, just in reducing the candies and other not so good snacks. I guess I need to find other snacks that I can use to replace them. I usually have a policy of only eating when I am hungry that is why you will see fluctuations. I can go a week or two on the low or under my calorie goals and not be hungry and then there will be 2-3 days where I just can't get enough to eat. I have been trying to eat more protein and lower my carbs as well as eat more regular time meals. Some of my problems come in that I don't tolerate fats well and have had to cut almost all dairy, so milk, cheese, and yogurts are pretty much out of the question now.

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7/20/12 12:43 P

Were you losing weight in early June? It looks like your intakes were higher then and then they dropped off around June 22. I'm wondering if you weren't eating enough calories, and that's why your body is reluctant to lose weight? It's really hard to tell...

You should be eating at least 1200 calories a day. I know some of the days in July were incomplete, so I'm not counting those. But you did have some days were your intakes were too low, like yesterday.

I'd suggest eating around 1300-1400 calories and exercising more consistently. Also, it looks like you might not be getting enough protein every day. Lean proteins (chicken, fish, tofu, beans, hummus, quinoa, low-fat dairy, eggs) will help keep you full and give your body the protein it needs.

Also, my weight can easily fluctuate 4-5 pounds throughout the day and over a month (depending on if it's that time of the month or not). I know if can be discouraging to see a gain, but as long as your general weight trend is downward, then you're doing fine.

SKHAWKER Posts: 39
7/20/12 11:47 A

ok! got it figured out!

SKHAWKER Posts: 39
7/20/12 11:34 A

How do I do that?

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7/20/12 11:25 A

IF you make your food logs public, we can help figure something out.

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7/20/12 11:11 A


I don't understand! I'm doing everything I am supposed to! About 3-4 week ago I gained 2 pounds and it took two week to lose it again, I then lost another 2 pounds so I getting excited and now within two days I have almost gained it all back again! This is getting frustrating! Please help, I want this to work!

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