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KATHIES518 Posts: 472
5/17/12 4:50 P

I lost my weight originally at Weight Watchers and loved it. But having gone for years I truly feel that it is all in the leader/group that you have. I went to Online as I had hurt myself and had put the weight back on. I really did not find that I did well on it through on line - remembered this site from something my sister in law had told me so came here. It is difficult when you are so used to thinking in points and not calories but I find that I am becoming more intelligent about many different areas that I really have never paid much attention to (i.e. protein, sodium, etc.) I have not done great with weight loss but I feel as though I am learning things that, ultimately, will lead to better health as well as weight loss. That said - I totally believe in weight watchers - you just need the right "fit" for you!

SPACEBOT1 SparkPoints: (32,667)
Fitness Minutes: (11,561)
Posts: 1,002
5/17/12 4:07 P

I cancelled my membership after I found Sparkpeople. I was an online only member as I hated the patronising meetings and the online plan is not worth the money. You don't get any support, hardly any information and it's expensive. There's no magic to Points, any diet works if you stick to it, calorie counting with SP is better in fact, as you get guidance on balancing your nutrients whereas with Weight Watchers you don't. Plus the messageboards are better here, there's more information about exercise and fitness here and of course, it's free.

SHARONSPARKLE SparkPoints: (311,439)
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Posts: 18,500
5/17/12 2:00 P

I am counting Points Plus but strickly through SP. I can't afford WW Online or the meetings but I don't feel I'm missing out. Spark People has everything I need to succeed.

IOWEIT2ME Posts: 1,131
5/17/12 8:10 A

I don't. Still kind of considering it tho

JBENKE SparkPoints: (108,489)
Fitness Minutes: (112,081)
Posts: 1,431
5/17/12 6:52 A

I was going to WW. I really enjoyed the weekly meetings. I was able to get away from the everyday things and socialize. I had to stop going to the meetings do to finances but I hope to get back. It hasn't worked for me as well as I want, but I get a lot of great information and ideas. I do enjoy SP and WW just gave me something extra.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/17/12 6:49 A

I started it just after Christmas, because I needed to have a bit of guidance.
It still takes some getting used to in not counting most fruits & veggies.

I let my online membership go, because I didn't want to spend the money, so I track here, and include the values of the fruits & veggies - so, I'm usually a bit over my daily allowance, if I don't subtract those, but that's OK. After four months on the P+, I had a fairly decent handle on what I was supposed to eat.

Of course, if I had just switched to the Simply Filling - I wouldn't have to track anything except those items NOT on the Power foods list, so I guess it all works out.

BTW, I've been doing quite well.
However, any menu/plan that gets you back eating in a more balanced fashion, rather than just filling up on pasta, rice, potatoes, or whatever, is a good thing - no matter what name it goes by.

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 1,068
5/17/12 6:45 A

I have been a Weight Watchers Life Member for several years. I do not like the "new" Points Plus program. I do not believe it is an improvement over their previous points programs, but it is a marketing ploy more than anything.

If I eat within the same "points" plan I have been accustomed to, and plug the same food in the "plus" program, I am still within the plan. However, it would not work the other way. If I just tracked food with the new program, and plugged the points in according to the old plan, I would have quite a few too many points/calories and I absolutely believe I would gain weight.

For me, the main thing is there are no points in fruits in the new plan. That it is ridiculous. For example, I love bananas and often eat two a day. They are over 100 calories each. You just can not count that as free or "nothing" the same way you can count plain lettuce as free.

For those with quite a bit to lose, the program will probably work. But unless fruit is consciously limited (or counted as points) when they get close to goal, my best guess is that members will not continue to lose weight. My leader says the new program is based on "science." I believe it is based more on marketing science than nutrition science.

BECK1967 Posts: 377
5/17/12 6:24 A

I am, it's the only program that has ever worked for me.

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
5/17/12 6:11 A

Not me

LISAN415 SparkPoints: (501)
Fitness Minutes: (449)
Posts: 31
5/17/12 5:47 A

I also heard Jessica Simpson has signedon to Weight Watchers.

Celebrities aside, I have heard good things about their program, just wondering if any Sparkers have used their program and if they like the new one better?

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (586,610)
Fitness Minutes: (352,847)
Posts: 16,657
5/17/12 3:48 A

not me

LISAN415 SparkPoints: (501)
Fitness Minutes: (449)
Posts: 31
5/17/12 1:46 A

....and what do you think about it? Did you also use Weight watchers before the "Plus" program?

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