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9/2/12 10:51 A

I bought a couple of core cushion videos from acaia that I love. Sort of Pilates, meets yoga, meets Arobics. I mostly do Pilates videos then either walk or do weights or my exercise bike. Can't afford the gym.

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9/2/12 10:37 A

My daughter and I had fun doing the 14 and 16 minute Bollywood (fun Indian dancing) offered on SP (by Acacia), and I'm a guy, for goodness sake ;)

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8/19/12 2:58 P

The first workout DVDs I tried were Davina McCall and I loved them. After years of addiction to the gym I quit my membership and started working out at home
I found Davina to be a great starting point - a search on Amazon will show you how many she has done. My personal favourites of hers are Superbody Workout, Body Buff and High Energy Five.
I also use Nell McAndrews several times a week. She has four (with another in the making I believe) and are a real hard cardio workout with toning and abs thrown in too.
And of course I have Jillian Michaels - I have her box set that contains four DVDs that are all very effective in their own right. More often than not, when I've done one of Jillians I'm burning for about 2 days. My favourite one of hers is Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.
I also have The Firm 500 Calorie workout which although to me feels quite easy compared to something like Nell McAndrews, it is a great overall body workout using light hand weights with cardio blast intervals thrown in.
Finally I have SP Coach Nicole's 28 Day Bootcamp, The 60 Second Promise and Weight Loss Cardio Kick. I haven't used these 3 yet so can't say what they are like,
Good luck - hope you find something that suits you!

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8/19/12 2:29 P

i love anything leslie sansone! after a while though, i needed a challenge. I got some jillian michaels DVDs, and they are awesome! she gives beginner modifications that were really easy. It made for a very smooth transition from leslie's DVDs to jillians unmodified workouts. i also love zumba

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8/19/12 1:48 P

leslie sansone's pilates you can do, love it!

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8/19/12 11:40 A

Did the SP video (Coach Nicole), even as a guy, it was fast and started with the basics, found that I have a lot of areas to grow (flexibility, core, etc).

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8/18/12 9:52 P

Any of the Sparkpeople videos are a great start. I bought the Cardio Blast dvd on Amazon and I love it. I also got Walk Away the Pounds 5 mile dvd and it is great. Both dvds are really easy to follow and give you a great work out even for a short period of time.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck!


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8/18/12 9:32 P

Hello everyone!

My husband has convinced me...or shall I say is trying to convince me to workout from home. Makes sense to him, but I would rather go a different route. emoticon

He suggested buying some workout vids. (Since I am home all the time!)

So what workout vids have your tried that have or haven't worked. I am TOTALLY new to this and I do not have a CLUE on where to start.

Really do not want to waste a whole lot of money only to have it stay on a shelve somewhere, so please be specific with details. More than likely you will say a name and I won't have a clue on who the heck they are lol.

Oh and by the way. I am only looking for something where I can just stay fit. Not looking to shed a ton of pounds.

Thank you kindly!!! emoticon

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