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11/30/12 10:41 A

I ordered mine in the size I was in in August, my wedding is in March. I have talked to a seamstress, and plan to do my alterations in mid February to make sure I am as close as I can be to where I want to be before the wedding. It was a bit easier for me because I went to Davids Bridal as opposed to a salon. If you are looking to buy a couture gown you will definitely want to do it before then.

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11/28/12 12:37 A

I would contact the Dress salon you will be ordering from, and see when they recommend you purchase the dress (I usually hear 9 months before the wedding, which will be in January)

I would order it in the size you are at the time, an get it altered 1 month before the wedding, witha final fitting 1 week before.
Almost ALL brides need alterations on their dresses, so don't worry if it is too large, the seamstresses can fix that!

Best of luck to you!


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11/13/12 12:35 P

I totally agree with SCTK519. it is best to buy the dress in the size you are now even if you know you will def lose the weight. Its a muh better feeling to have the dress taken in than to have it taken out. All the best. :)

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11/9/12 11:03 A

I started shopping for mine about 6-7 months out, but didn't start dress fittings until maybe 3 months out? Whatever you do do NOT buy the dress in the size you want to be; buy it in your current size as it can be taken in, but is difficult to let out. Not to mention when you're ordering they'll have you order for your largest measurement and then take it in. My biggest was my hips so then they took it in at the bust & waist. It also will make a difference if you have a dress that zips or laces up.

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11/9/12 10:57 A

I was wondering the same thing!

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11/9/12 8:34 A

The dresses are not made until they are ordered. That is why you generally start shopping 6-9 months ahead of time. It is no easy task to make a wedding dress.

If you wait until four months ahead of time you may have to pay fees to expedite the process.

Whatever you do. Order your current size. Wedding gown sizes are weird and even if you lose several sizes in street clothes it may only be one size in formal wear.

They can always make a dress smaller. Letting it out to make it bigger is not always possible.

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11/8/12 4:17 P


My wedding is October 12, 2013. I've read some stuff and have looked at some sample timelines of when to buy the dress, when to start fittings, etc., and I just want some feedback on if you guys think I'm giving myself enough time to dress shop. Because I don't want to even *start* dress shopping until I'm at least halfway to my goal, which will be Feb-March (hopefully! Actually, shoot, hopefully it will be even sooner than that!). The stuff I've read said that you should start fittings and alterations about 4 months before the wedding, which would be June for me so that is my goal date.

But I guess I'm just really confused. And concerned! If I should start fittings in June, then when should I actually buy the dress? And what if I buy the dress before I lose the weight I want to lose, should I purchase the dress size I WANT or the dress size I AM at the time?

AH! Help!

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