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STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
6/6/12 11:06 P

I've been working this schedule for just over 6 months. There were some days where I would be scheduled both jobs and work 14 hour days, but just this week the new people at the gas station are trained sufficiently to work independently and the manager has agreed not to schedule me any days during my week on midnights from here on out.

As far as eating 7-8 small meals a day, I'm afraid if I don't follow the meal plans provided I'll stray off track. I'm still so new at this that I don't trust myself to 'make the right choices' on my own!

SV6MILE Posts: 270
6/6/12 10:52 P

Ugh, your schedule sounds really difficult both in terms of managing meals and getting proper sleep. I think you need to sit down with a daily calendar and really work out how to fit in healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits. My guess is you'll probably have to eat 7-8 really small meals in order to handle the exhaustion you will face with that sleep schedule. Remember, some of your hunger may be just because you're tired and need some energy. I recommend eating REALLY clean. Try to avoid becoming reliant on stimulants like caffeine and sugar. Wow... I hope you don't have to have this schedule for too long. I'm exhausted just reading it!

6/6/12 10:50 P

people who are on swing shifts or have strange working hours, often do better tracking by week.

so if you are 1200-1500, that would be 8400-10500 (if my math is right).

STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
6/6/12 10:48 P

Hi friends~! I'm giving this a go again! Recently went to the doctor and was put on Metformin again due to high blood glucose which has kick started my motivation to better my health. It's been small steps to start...limiting my soda, then switching to diet, then replacing the diet soda with water. I started paying more attention to what I was eating, actually went to the store and bought fruits and veggies.

I came back to Spark and tracked my food yesterday, um today. Okay, here's where I run into the problem!

I work 2 jobs. One of them is midnight shifts and I work 7 days straight and then get 7 days off. On my 7 days off from there I work 5-6 days at a gas station doing afternoon/evening shifts. So my Wednesday actually starts right at midnight Tues night. Today was the last day of my week on midnights, and usually on Wed. I either try to stay up as late as possible to try and flip my sleep schedule, or I take a nap during the day and then try to sleep at night.

On days like this I'm not quite sure when I should eat! According to my tracker I've already eaten my calories for the day. I took a nap but now that I'm up I'm a little hungry and it's still Wednesday! I'm sure I'll be up for 8 hours of so, and I know I need to eat something but....I'm just confused! Every other day is fine but the days when I flip my schedule have me a little baffled. Help!


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