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4/3/13 5:40 P

Mine was a bunch of small things that added all up.
1- none of my clothes fit comfortably except men's sweatpants and sweatshirts
2- my mother died from cancer. She was skinny all her lfe but her eating habits were horrible and she smoked. She was only 65 and looked like a skeleton. My in-laws are contantly in terrible health and having surgeries and medications and doctor visits, have a hard time getting around - I didn't want to be like that as I aged.
3- I felt like crap- just tired and cranky and worn out

It all came together and I had enough. I am SO grateful for SP- what a huge difference in my life!

4/3/13 4:50 P

I had to put my mother into an assisted living home. (she is 91). She is also a diabetic. Being at the home with her for 2 weeks to get her settled, I realized that I didn't want to become one of those people who couldn't walk well and re-joined the gym when I got home. The final, final straw was having my PCD tell me that I was pre-diabetic and if I didn't take control I would develop diabetes. I will not!! Took control that day and I will not let go of the reins until I cross the finish line. I promise myself that I will not allow "me" to be a diabetic.

I beat breast cancer 6 years ago but gained weight. Now it has to go. emoticon emoticon mmm

WENDIBUGG Posts: 674
4/2/13 1:42 A

I am one of three girls in my family and my wake up call came when I realized I was suddenly the fat sister. My sister K had always been the biggest one of us. When she and her husband started losing weight for health reason she dropped at least 50 lbs. Then I was the biggest. I absolutely hated it. For years while my weight had been creeping up I had avoided all photos and tried to stay out of them whenever possible. I actually have a rule about no pics of me on social media sites. My sister losing weight was the push I needed to get healthy. I finally found what works for my and lost almost 40 lbs. I gained back about 20 of that when I quit trying after we moved to another country. Now I'm motivated again to get those 20 lbs back off (11 of them are gone) and to finish what I started before. I hope to one day not avoid cameras or people so that they can't see what I look like.

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,472
4/2/13 12:40 A

My wake-up call was when the scale said 190.0 and I was like "aw heck no!" I'm not going to continue this upward trend and get into the way!

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4/1/13 11:21 P

My wake up call came when I climbed on the scales and I was barely 2 pounds away from breaking 300lbs. I had battled with my weight all my adult life. Gaining weight due to low self esteem, got pregnant, lost the baby weight, got pregnant again, lost baby weight again. Still needed to lose 40lbs to be at a healthy weight for my height. Lower self esteem. On and on and on.....but when I could see that if I didn't do something right away, it would only be another week or so before I broke 300lbs, I couldn't stand it anymore. I admitted that although I had a lot of willpower, I couldn't quite make it on my own. If I wanted to succeed, I needed help. I talked to my doctor and she recommended gastric bypass surgery. I do not regret having the surgery. It is not a band aid......up to 40% of people who have this surgery fail to keep the weight off. It is only a tool and kind of a "turbo-boost" to help you on the journey to regain your health. I'm 4 months out and still working at it. Failing sometimes to eat what I should, failing to keep up with tracking my food daily. But I don't fail to keep trying. Keep working at it. I'm determined to succeed. Even when I have bad days, I'm determined to get back on track the next day. And I do!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 60,221
4/1/13 9:46 P

My wake up call came slowly - I have had others but this time it was the deterioration of my health to the point that I could barely walk, was in constant pain, and looked about 100 years old. I was also having increasing problems with my health and my ability to do my job. I had been really in good shape back before my son died - and then I regained almost the entire 160+ pounds I had lost. I just didn't care any longer - when I was hurting constantly, risking my health but still not DYING fast enough through suicide by fork - I decided that if I could kill myself through neglect and abuse using my fork, maybe I better get BETTER so at least I didn't hurt.

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (85,090)
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4/1/13 6:45 P

By 2007, I'd reached almost 170lbs, and my body didn't like that!! My glucose went almost into the Diabetic range. I worked in a hospital Lab and I knew the significance of it.... I immediately started working with a Dietician and with her knowledge and help we turned my life around. I worked my way down to about 140 lbs and a normal glucose. Since then, I've never been above 150 lbs... ave about 140-145. Now though, I'd like to work down to about 135lbs.
The dietician had warned me that as I get older, its going to take more of both diet and exercise to keep me healthy. So back to food tracking and up my exercise some....! A friend told me about Spark.... I'm enjoying the good info and inspiration from others.

ASHMELEE4 Posts: 11
4/1/13 6:23 P

I was fortunate enough to go to Jamaica last May, but in a way I dreaded it because I knew I'd have to be in a bathing suit a good chunk of the time. Trying to find a suit that fit me was awkward enough, but then feeling so uncomfortable in my skin that I couldn't enjoy myself was the worst. Then the pictures from the trip...ugh. The week after we got home, I decided I'd had enough and wanted to change.

KENGABBY Posts: 66
3/24/13 9:13 A

When I stepped on the scale and saw 221. That was early in 2012. I knew that if I didn't change my ways I would soon be at 250+. Now I'm at 204 and still working at it. I feel so much better already and have made changes with my diet that I should have made years ago!

FARRAH511 Posts: 2,639
3/19/13 9:47 A

No having pictures (even though I love pictures) just because I didn't want to look the humongous girl (me) on the pictures...

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,867)
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3/18/13 9:53 P

A horrible, horrible photo during an orthodontist consultation.
Boom! He opens a folder w/ details of my treatment and the most God-awful photo is staring at me.
My face was as round as a jack-o-lantern. Not only was I fat, I was puffy and unhealthy looking. Man did I let myself go!
Barely heard a word he was saying throughout. Kept trying to cover the photo w/ my arms or my handbag.
Started w/ that very next meal and now I am in maintenance w/ straight teeth & beyond grateful.

Funny: I've had many other things that should have been my wake up call, but that photo just crystalized it & brought it home.

So glad I found Spark!! The knowledge, tools and most of all support from people that know what it's like is second to none.

Yay, Spark!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (420,646)
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3/18/13 5:01 P

stepping on a scale at costco emoticon

BERKANA_T Posts: 138
3/18/13 4:57 P

I don't think I have a singular wake up call. I've tried this weight loss/healthier me thing on and off for the past 10 years, usually with limited or negative effect.

While yes, I want to look better and be able to buy nicer clothes; and I want to be fitter and able to keep up with friends and family; and I want to be healthier and not have the health issues that I see other family members and friends experiencing; none of that has ever been motivation enough for me to do something about it and stick with it.

Being surrounded by skinny, fit people just made me want to stay at home more. Having to buy a larger size at the clothing store just made me less inclined to go shopping at all. Someone saying something negative about me (or someone around me) regarding my weight, just made me think that people in general were rude and self centered. No one, and no thing could shame me into having more motivation to lose weight.

Believe it or not, what worked for me is that I gave up before I even started. I went into my weight loss/healthier me plan this time around with high hopes and low expectations. I didn't expect to succeed. But I did. And people noticed. And WOW is that ever motivating!!

There are all sorts of reasons why I succeeded this time, and hadn't in the past. A lot of them have to do with the support of the people around me. But most of them have to do with not setting unreasonable goals for myself. For allowing myself to fail. For accepting that perfection was not a goal. For letting me just be me.

LIVE_N_LEARN1 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/17/13 11:29 P

feeling like im losing a relationship with the lord

NMSUSTUDENT SparkPoints: (38)
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3/16/13 7:58 P

Seeing stretch marks on m hips and the deformation of my stomach in the mirror reflection.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
3/16/13 4:45 P

My wake up call was when my butt didn't fit in a chair at a restaurant. It was Valentine's day in 2009, and my fiance and i wanted to get dinner (the story's on my sparkpage).
That was a long time ago, and I'm far from that. I've been struggling with motivation to get this last 50-60 pounds off. Now that my butt does fit into chair with arm rests and I do feel much better about myself, I find that finding motivation for it is rather difficult. The only thing keeping me going right now is habit, but my food intake has been pretty terrible. if anything, I've been maintaining my weight at it's current point.

L_DUBBS Posts: 12
3/16/13 12:55 P

I totally feel ya Nausikaa! (And wow congrats on the 30 lb loss! How inspiring!) When I first met my fiance I was in the best shape of my life (I had actually won a bikini contest the day we met!). Fast forward a few years later and I'm the heaviest I've ever been and I refuse to go to the pool or beach (his favorite things to do) because I'm too ashamed to wear a swimsuit. Whenever his guy friends come over I'll overhear them chatting about how hot so and so's girlfriend is and it makes me feel horrible to know they would never say that about me. I can't bear to start our marriage feeling so unattractive and down on myself! He deserves better and so do I. I also know that it's imperative for me to cook healthy meals for us because heart disease runs rampant in his family and if I don't take the initiative to prepare low-fat meals he would eat nothing but red meat and cheese!

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
3/16/13 7:28 A

For me it was when I was chillin' on the beach in my bikini and up walked my husband's best childhood friend with his wife. His wife is gorgeous, perfect body, etc. I felt so embarrassed for my husband, having to be married to me. I imagined that my husband and his friend used to talk about girls in school like any teenage boys and that I would never have been what they had in mind. I was so ashamed for my husband that his friend saw me with him especially in a bikini. I realized at that moment that I knew I could be 100x better - and had been just a few years before I met my husband - and he was NOT getting the best version of me, and I knew he deserved SO much better from me. And of course I wanted it for myself too, but sometimes we love our spouse more than we love ourselves and it's more motivating that way.

Since that day at the beach (end of August 2012) I've lost over 30 lbs and I look better than I have since we were engaged. I can't wait to get to a more attractive shape than he's ever seen me. I only need to lose about 10 lbs to get there! And after that, well, he'd better get ready to have his socks knocked off! emoticon emoticon

SARAHMO4 Posts: 336
3/15/13 4:21 P

For me its not a lot of energy and being tired frm everyday activities. It was also seeing my dad die of stomach cancer. He ate a lot of what I did, sweets, fatty, or unhealthy food in general. I see what I eat and I dont want to have what he did, if what he ate caused the cancer. Also him developing an abnormal heart rhythm from heart disease and some females having high cholesterol as they got older. Its just my dad and I dont want to go downhilll as I get older with high cholesterol like family members, and both my parents having arthritis and weight complicating it at times..

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/15/13 3:00 P

mine came about 13 years ago when I went to the doctor. I had the routine blood test and she told me I was pre-diabetic and still had high blood pressure. Being only 29 that killed me. Now i don't put any confidence in the term pre-diabetic but i followed their advice. I got into their weight loss program and did lose some.

I was never "motivated" to lose weight which is probably why i was such a yo-yo dieter. I lost 50, gained 60, lost 25 gained 30 and so on. It wasn't until I started seeing a chiropractor that i was shaken. I was definitely in worse shape than i thought. I may have felt fine, but I was on two or three meds and took pain killers a lot. i had headaches, allergies and so many other things. i got bronchitis or pneumonia every year.
one day we started talking because it wasn't really happening as he promised. He said ok, why are you here? I answered to get healthy. You know those V-8 commercials-- well I flet he popped me in the head and said think bigger. I then said to lose weight and get fit-- again he shook his head and said think bigger. After about 5 more minutes of prodding, i said to be the best aunt in the world. I have several nieces and nephews who mean the world to me especially since I can't have my own kids. Now he nodded. I am not losing weight and getting healthy FOR them. i am doing this BECAUSE of them. No amount of cute bathing suits, pretty dresses, slim thighs, and beautiful muscles could be as motivating to me as a sweet little one year old who wants to play. Nothing can be as motivating to me as a 19 year old who wants to spend the day shopping. nothing can be as motivating to me as a 9 year old you wants to be tossed in the water at our summer home. Nothing can be as motivating to me as my 20 year old nephew who is planning his 21st and wants me there.
So when I feel that i can't go on anymore or can't do another squat or want to junk food myself into oblivion, i think of these precious kids and do the opposite.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,319
3/15/13 12:53 P

oh my!! What a wake-up call!!

Mine was not as dramatic. My absolute biggest "fat pants" had gotten so tight, that I could not sit down without feeling like I was losing the circulation in my legs, and my waist (what there was of it) was being cut in half. Couldn't wait to get home and get those pants off. Even my old stretched-out sweat pants were too tight. You could see every single bump, bulge, and roll. I either needed to buy bigger clothes.... or do something.

And I could not climb the hill to the parking lot, at work, without seriously feeling like I needed paramedics to meet me halfway up with oxygen.

L_DUBBS Posts: 12
3/15/13 12:20 P

I realized I needed to make a serious change in my eating/fitness habits a few months ago when my fiance and I went to a popular beach bar near here (I live in South Florida). It's the kind of place where everyone wears (only) their swimsuits when the weather allows and the deck is just packed with gorgeous 20-somethings with perfect bodies. I was wearing my bikini top and a skirt and thought I looked OK until in the bathroom an overweight middle-aged woman started chatting me up about how uncomfortable it is for women "like us" to be surrounded by all these young and fit people. I forced a smile and nodded in agreement (not mentioning that I'm only 25) and then once she left I hid in one of the stalls and sobbed for a good 10 minutes. When I finally went back outside I felt so embarrassed and out of place that I grabbed my fiance and rushed to the exit, fighting tears the whole way and cursing myself for letting my body go. It was definitely a wake-up call! Now when I need motivation I just think of that bar and how good it will feel to go back there after reaching my weight-loss/fitness goals.

So, what was your wake-up call and/or what do you think about when you need motivation??

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