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MCNKAB Posts: 888
3/5/09 11:39 A

My 6yr old nephew telling me I should go on The Biggest Loser tv show

SRE_WIFE Posts: 404
3/4/09 2:36 P

1. seeing myself in a picture started it.
2. what sent the message home was having my appendix removed last month and the doctor telling me to lose weight or risk heart problems.

3/4/09 12:41 A

My husband starting losing weight and dieting. emoticon

IRENEAZ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (42,786)
Posts: 2,403
3/3/09 5:28 P

Didn't want to buy larger size of clothing.

JAMCAM Posts: 640
3/2/09 1:54 P

3. I visited home after two years - and everybody greeting(s) were YOU ARE SO FAT

JAMCAM Posts: 640
3/2/09 1:54 P

2. I dont recognise myself in photo's

JAMCAM Posts: 640
3/2/09 1:53 P

1. my pants tore (down the middle)

BRENDIE319 Posts: 291
3/2/09 7:23 A

A photo says a thousand words- but a video says a million! I was looking at my son's high school graduation video (from 5 years ago) and saw myself. I didn't recognize it as being me at first until my daughter said "Wow, Mom! look at you!" I went and tried on the outfit I wore on the tape and it was too small! I went straight to the bathroom and cried! I knew I needed to do something!

7REBACCA7 SparkPoints: (8,216)
Fitness Minutes: (9,500)
Posts: 569
3/1/09 5:37 P

My father and sister and brother all dying of heart failure at exactly 65 .Scared the fat right out of me it seems at that time i went from size 26 to 14

3/1/09 10:52 A

High bllod pressure at age 20 yikes :(

TPGODFREY SparkPoints: (28,079)
Fitness Minutes: (22,839)
Posts: 263
3/1/09 9:34 A

I think my wake up call was last March i had Phlebitis in my leg and i was off work 3 weeks and i was miserable.. So when i went to the doctor in July she told me i needed to lose 20 lbs so i took what she said to heart. Also my cholesterol was edging up also.. So i have lost 25 lbs and feel much better and Just found out that my son is getting married in July so i am glad the weight is gone

WOOTSIE1 SparkPoints: (522)
Fitness Minutes: (3,355)
Posts: 210
2/27/09 6:37 P

Looking, really looking at myself in the mirror, and feeling sad for the person looking back...

BIGDAN_R Posts: 896
2/27/09 3:55 P

God's blessings on your efforts!

SOMMER130 Posts: 349
2/27/09 9:54 A

both of my parents are diabetic, which most likely means i will be too. when my mom was diagnosed she almost died, she was in bed for over a month. we had to feed her and everything. i dont want my kids to have to see or do that. my father has cronic heart failure, diabetes, copd, emphazima, high blood pressure, cholesteral, that is just the beginning. My dad was a 2 pack a day smoker, i was following closely on his heels. I started smoking at the age of 13 to my parents unawares. at the age of 16 i weighted 197 lbs. i have always struggled with my weight unlike my parents who were never overweight til they hit their late thirties early fourties. at the age of 16 i wore bigger pants than my mom who is only 20 years older than me. I now have three kids of my own. and i see my parents in me just as much as they do. I quite smoking december 22, 2008. I hope now to lose the extra weight. i started out at 240. Went down to 180 a year ago. hit a plateau and gave up. now i am back at it and this time i am not going to give up. If i can quit a 2 pack a day habit using chantix for 4 days than i can do this too. I know i can. I just have to have faith in myself. and self esteem, which i have none of. But am on my way to fixing.

BIGDAN_R Posts: 896
2/26/09 11:59 P

My doctor told me that I was loved by many people and needed to do something to make my body healthy again and hopefully have a longer life. Hearing this from a somewhat harsh personality made a big impression on me.

UPPITY1 SparkPoints: (118,969)
Fitness Minutes: (57,740)
Posts: 267
2/26/09 11:40 P

My 50th birthday coming this August. My husband had a stroke shortly after his 50th. Fortunately he made a full recovery but it scared him into getting healthier. He lost 100 pounds and looks great. Now it's my turn!

LORIND Posts: 759
2/25/09 6:49 P

My clothes and pictures of myself.

2/25/09 1:06 P

Definitely seeing pictures of myself....quite frightening. And the realization that I haven't weighed this much since I was pregnant with twins - very pregnant. Just not acceptable.

KATIELADY72 Posts: 364
2/24/09 2:55 P

what motivated me to lose weight is my stomach got bigger and my clothes got tighter and i sure didn't want to get any bigger ones, I got where i looked bad in everything i put on and that was depressing enough, i hate when i start gaining weight and I didn't want to wait till i kept getting bigger, cause it sure woudn't come off by itself!

TARYNF2 Posts: 6
2/23/09 3:27 P

I don't want my daughter or son for that matter to watch me freaking out about my weight, I want to get into a healthful-balanced lifestyle now so they see that.
They are 2.5 years and 4.

JANETK53 Posts: 5,572
2/22/09 6:35 P

The Scale saying.....183 emoticon

J-JEFFRIES Posts: 72
2/22/09 5:04 P

I have a little girl who just turned 2 this month and I want to run around with her & tire her out! Not the other way around. I was lazy and unmotiviated. SHE's my motivation! I want to be fit and healthy for her. I want to set a GOOD example for her.

CAMILLE74 Posts: 117
2/22/09 8:38 A

Its always been a dream of mine to be "slim"...but for New Years..a friend took a picture of me in my dress and I looked soo was then..seeing that picture..that I KNEW I had to lose some doubt about questions was also me feeling so bad about TOTALLY OVEREATING last Christmas..and I was constantly thinking about how much I must have put on from then on!!!..sigh!!!

EAHUSTON Posts: 16
2/21/09 5:37 P

Seeing photos of myself and realizing that while I was always the "skinny" one in the family, both my siblings had lost weight over the last few years and now weigh less than I do!! Congratulations to both of them;
but it is time for me to do something about my weight too. (Sibling rivalry at its best)

LORIND Posts: 759
2/21/09 4:37 P

I started to notice that all my fitted work clothes were tight and looked terrible on me. I then looked at myself in the mirror and admitted to myself that I needed to get rid of the extra weight. emoticon

2/21/09 3:26 P

I went shopping with my fiancé and suddenly realized that I was starting to hate shopping. I got depressed because I couldn't find anything that fit. It was embarrassing and I didn't want to get out of the fitting room to show my fiancé...It was a really bad day.

WIFEY70 Posts: 74
2/20/09 1:18 A


2/19/09 11:48 P

It was a combination of things. I didn't like the pictures of me on the beach with my family, I don't like being winded going up a single flight of steps, I don't like having to shop in the "big girl" sections (the clothes selection usually stinks), and I need to be healthier, at 300 pounds diseases related to obesity are a real threat.

KLAYLAB SparkPoints: (117,793)
Fitness Minutes: (45,585)
Posts: 2,271
2/19/09 11:15 P

Problems with high blood pressure and diabetes.Since I lost weight my medication has been reduced.My blood
pressure is being controlled.

LFD4539 Posts: 166
2/19/09 9:50 P

When a coworker grouped me into "US BIG GUYS". Really opened my eyes & started me on the path. Hence why i'm Never Going BACK!

MARYBR Posts: 2,484
2/19/09 8:03 P

not so much a wake up call to lose weight - but to become healthy - becoming a grandparent for the first time - and now we have 2 more coming this spring and summer

SDILLON4141 Posts: 577
2/19/09 6:56 P

I lost 3 of my best friends at young ages due to being overweight and developing medical problems.2 died at 48 and 53 yrs old and the other 59.Im 54 and Im not ready to go yet.I want to live to see my great grand babies grow up.

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ANGEL4NOW SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,615)
Posts: 437
2/19/09 2:28 P

Recent pictures and the fact that I only own about three outfits that fit well.


2/19/09 2:09 P

Oh also besides the 'fat-me' family picture my daughter sent me---Previous to the 'picture-shocker' I also went to a gathering of couples I haven't seen in about 6 years--one of my male friends said, 'Well look at us, we are all old, wrinkled and fat.' All of the women looked at each other and said, " Yeah........" LOL Maybe all of us will change our eating habits a little and become more active.

I had just come to realize a few days previous to the get-together that I had 'portion distortion' and now I am weighing everything I put into my body. I sure appreciated the candid comment my friend made. I think we all needed a reality check.

PARRISBE Posts: 233
2/17/09 10:20 P

It was more knowing I needed to get healthy. All I wanted to do was sleep all day. I started with diet and then added exercise.

ROBIN61972 Posts: 220
2/17/09 1:58 P

I had never gone above 200 pounds during either one of my pregnancies and I sure as heck wasn't going above that when I wasn't pregant! I began my new lifestyle when I reached 196.

HONEYDEW;] Posts: 594
2/17/09 7:53 A

Couldn't see my feet in the shower~~~~LOL

Oh~~I'd have to say those the dreaded double chin pictures really woke me up !! YUCK

UGOGIRL2009 Posts: 787
2/17/09 12:52 A

Seeing a picture of myself while on vacation. It was not a pretty site... even my face looked swollen. That was 15 pounds ago. Still lots to loose, but I will get there.

DOLLIE6 Posts: 2,845
2/16/09 9:24 P

When I could only walk from the car to just inside the mall and I told everybody to go on shopping I would wait for them on the bench. I have never never
ever not been able to walk and shop and that was the last straw. I lost 100 pounds and I have another 100 to go. I will never again not be able to walk because of weight. emoticon
Dollie6 emoticon

MAEIB125 Posts: 762
2/16/09 5:51 P

I need new clothes and I don't want to buy bigger clothes. I have no energy, and I want to be around along time for my daughter.

2/16/09 3:37 P

I Want to lose weight to make myself heathier, I want to do things that I cant now and wear things I cant now...

BJK4316 Posts: 33
2/16/09 3:26 P

when i had to weigh in for my semi annual weigh in at work and had to get the alternative tape measurments because i was over the max....that and i couldn't button the top 2 buttons on my uniform pants....yikes.

TOY2XS Posts: 590
2/16/09 2:41 P

LOL when one of my friends which was over-weight kept comparing herself to me..LOL I was in denial--then I thought if she keeps comparing herself to me I must be fat---I was; I started looking at pictures OMG it was not pretty--since then about 7 years ago I have lost about 40 lbs and kept it off--I seem to have been at a stand still for a year or so---I am busting out of this year!!!

PEPPER92 Posts: 640
2/16/09 7:07 A

Had to have a picture taken of me for the paper

2/16/09 2:10 A

Good job to all of you who have lost weight! It's a long tough road.

2/16/09 12:19 A

Sharon and Heather--Looks like we all had the same weight loss goal--about 40 lbs. I am only 4' 11" (almost) and 40 pounds looks like a lot on me. You ladies are doing a good job. We can do it!

Belle emoticon

SHARONV6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,527)
Posts: 422
2/15/09 10:00 P

Grandson of age 5 asked me if I was going to have a baby!!

SHARONV6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,527)
Posts: 422
2/15/09 9:59 P

Great work...Bellspark

2/15/09 8:42 P

My daughter sent me pictures of a recent family get-together and my thighs looked like giant ham legs! Thanks daughter. That was on January 28th. I have lost seven pounds since then and can see my calf muscles for the first time in two years!
Pictures are truly motivators!


2/15/09 8:12 P

Mine was four people asking me if I was pregnant within a couple months when I wasn't.

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