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9/11/12 3:55 P

I do not like eating bananas or anything spicy before my morning runs, when I push myself I do not want anything that does not taste good coming back Bananas just seem to like to come back up easier for me, not sure why though...

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9/5/12 8:06 A

If it works for you, keep doing it. I run three miles in the morning before work. I've tried eating beforehand but I never got any benefit from it. Now I get to sleep 15 min later and I just drink some water before I go and have a quick breakfast when I get back and then its off to work.

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9/4/12 12:44 P

Sounds like you are doing great keep it up....i exercise in mornings on empty stomach or bananna and actually prefer very light meals when working out .....doesn't work for everyone

R72485Z Posts: 155
8/28/12 10:01 P

This is a regular for me.

Hello There.

I go on walks. Really LONG ones. I am an insomniac.

10-15 kms. What would be best for me to eat before I leave. Sometimes I have felt faint while on one such walks.

Right now, at 345AM, I am having

1. a roti, (Indian flat Bread)
2. half catori dal, (100% protein)
3. half cube Amul cheese,
4. 1 Table spoon of VERY HOT Chilli Garlic Spread and
5. one glass of full fat 3.5% milk with
6. 2 tea spoons of Nescafe Select.

I will start at 4:30 ish and carry a 1.5 litre water bottle with some salt and Glucon-d in it.

What do you say?

I am already wearing size 34 (from 38, last year) jeans and want to get in 32 before my coming Birthday. ( )

How are YOU???

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