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2/10/13 6:06 P

Sorry it has gotten this far, but you may be at the toughlove mark. Start getting counseling and preparing for some tough times ahead. My prayers are with you.

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2/4/13 12:12 P

The tests will be random. Different days of the week, so she won't know which day they will happen. We did the first one this weekend and it was positive as we knew it would be.

Our thought is that if she gets on the swim team then she will have something to work for as far as her grades. I read the rules to her last night and there were two that were specific to drug use.

I will be contacting our medical provider as to counseling.

I know this is going to sound like I just don't care, but I have started a new job, and really can't take the time off to sit with her in class. I am the only one working right now and money is really tight.

She already hates me and my husband so we must be doing something right.

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2/4/13 11:48 A

The FOURTH positive? Honey, if that were my daughter, the FIRST positive would send her there. I believe in giving people a chance, but FOUR chances? No. And those drug tests would be so random that GOD wouldn't see them coming.

As for the going to school, she would GO to class if I had to go and sit with her the whole time. There would be NOTHING until her grades came up. No phone, no computer, no time with friends. Yes, she would hate me, but at least I would know I was doing my job as her parent.

As for the computer, password lock it. Most computers have a password lock feature that you can use and no one will be able to get in it without the password. Just make sure it is something she won't guess and you won't forget.

Counseling isn't a bad idea either, both with you and without you. There may be a reason she is acting this way. Get to know her friends. Is there a new crowd she's running with? When did the behavior start? Questions like that can lead to figuring out what is wrong with her.

Be prepared for her to hate you. It's coming. But like I tell my daughter, if you hate me, it means I am DOING MY JOB AS YOUR MOM.

Ultimately, this is your child and your decision to make. I was just telling you what I would do if I were in your shoes. Good luck, and I hope that you find the answers you need.

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2/3/13 12:16 P

My youngest daughter, 15, is really pushing my buttons. We have found some drug items in her room and imposed consequences. At home drug tests every week, and the fourth time positive going to rehab. She has a very low grade point average and can't seem to get herself to class. We have taken the phone and computer away, but she will sneak into the living room and get on the computer at 2am. We've caught her several times. We are at a total loss as to what we can do to get her under control and show her that the road she is on is not one she wants to be on.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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