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8/28/12 12:13 P

I think you'll do great and your parents will enjoy any time they can have with you. There may be periodic moments of motherly love wanting you to eat more, but accept that is just your mother slipping up with her motherly instincts. She'll understand when you tell her that you just can't, but will as soon as the tournament is over. Your dad will probably just grunt and smile, holding back his pride for his son and showing slight hints of approval as he sees how well you are doing. But still being there for you to lean on and ask for advice. Which if you are the wise young man that I have seen in your posts, you may want to throw them a bone or two by actually asking for advice on some things while they are there and in the future. Parents hate to feel as though they are NOT needed anymore even though they are happy to see their children being self reliant.

As for the tournament, yes they are long and boring until your event. My kids were in the TKD Southern California junior Olympics for a couple years. It is a two day event and LONG throughout the day. That was the hardest part of the whole event, the waiting around. But don't worry, your parents are going still just be happy to be there and will understand if you need to go walk about or get away to clear your head, etc. They are there for YOU. Love them, appreciate them, let them know if they are doing anything that is distracting you, but do it in a nice way.

Have fun and do well my friend. God be with you and protect you and your family.

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8/28/12 7:56 A

Thanks for some of the ideas. I've already gone over with them that I need to eat carefully so they are fully aware of that. When they first get here Sat, I can afford to go to Olive Garden with them and get a broiled herb salmon dish I found on the nutritinal info page. Also taking them to a zoo Sunday so the first weekend should be good.

During the week, I'll only be off an hour and a half to see them, and after Wed the sodium becomes as much, if not more improtant than the calories so no more eating out at all. Haha, I'd rather not cook for them. Its literally Geroge Foreman grilled chicken with no seasoning and plain steamed veggies all week. That's it. Night before I have half a cup of plain brown rice for a little carbs if I'm underweight. Oooh, how exciting. But it all should be ok, having them order takeout was a good idea. Thursday night has football so we can watch that. Hopefully can find something else to do the little gap between work and training the other days of the week. Like I said, Dive-bombing my weight earlier than I had planned so that I can order a little grilled chicken thing at a restraunt on monday with them or something as well. I hope they can find stuff to do during the day when I'm at work as well.

But then the next weekend is the tournament so they'll get to watch me there. Too bad its an all day event and I'll only fight once or twice. But afterwords... I will eat myself into a coma :)

Also gonna get weird looks for sure and I'll tell they're holding back saying something. I was a 200 lb. fatty at Christmas and when I came home at the begining of summer at 175 they freaked. Good and bad. Now I'll be 150, and yes, about 5-10 lbs. under natural weight. I'll be putting that back on, but they're used to me being a big guy, and now I'm actually fairly cut.

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8/28/12 12:53 A

Do u have a grill? If so maybe you can grill some chicken & have a nice salad with it, & fruit to eat, and talk outside while grilling? I'm sure your parents will be glad to be spending time with you, I'm sure anything would please them. Enjoy! :)

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8/27/12 11:40 P

Since I don't know your parents, it's hard for me to give you ideas. My son is your age and if I was in your parents place, I would do whatever you want to do and try not to get in your way. If there was times when you needed to train, I'd either watch or take the wife somewhere to give you and us a break from each other.

As far as cooking, as you have probably been able to tell by now, food is not my thing, even though I'm am no different than most folks and do plenty of social eating. But I'd enjoy eating anything you fix(to see what the indigenous folks eat, LOL), or I'd ask what you want when we make a run or do some cooking for you.

I like straight foreword communication so no one gets all butt hurt(my son's term) over some silly thing. I hope you have a great time and do well in your competition.

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8/27/12 11:12 A

You could cook them something really great and yourself a light version one night. Or order some fun takeout for them and make boring ass chicken for yourself.

Bowling would be super fun. Are there any nice parks in your area. You could take a nice hike or have a picnic with foods you can eat as well as stuff they'll enjoy. Are there any museums or local attractions you could go to? What about a little cafe or coffeehouse where you could get coffee drinks (water for you) and pastries if they wanted and just sit and chat, where the waitstaff doesn't really rush you. Do you play golf? There's got to be good courses near you, right? ;) Or you could putt-putt.

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8/27/12 9:20 A

Ok, so I have a dilema. I'm away from home working an intership and my parents are flying down to see me which is great. Problem is, they'll be here the week leading up to a big Brazilian jiu jitsu tournament I need to make weight for. I work until 5-5:30 every day and then train 7-9 at the Bjj gym. So it doesn't leave us much time together. I'm looking for ideas of stuff to do during the week that doesn't involve going out to dinner, which is what we normally do. Its a great way to catch up on everything that's been going on with a nice meal, but with as strict as I eat the week of my fights I have to make all my own food that week. I'm talking nothing but steamed veggies, fresh fruit and grilled chicken with maybe plain brown rice if my weight is looking ok. Biggest thing is the sodium. Has to be as close to zero as possible so that I'm not holding useless water weight.

So what else could we do? I feel bad that I can't spend as much time with them as I'd like to, and sitting around my apartment eating a boring ass meal would just be awkward due to the size of it and my roommate. I'm in Augusta, GA if anyone has specific ideas. If not, generic ones work just fine. I was thinking about going bowling or something in that hour and a half break I'll get to be with them. Lame but its all I can come up with right now.

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