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4/11/11 9:37 P

The easiest way to do it is with a rice cooker. You won't need to thaw them, and it will keep them moist.
If you have a rice cooker:
take a bowl and turn it upside down
put a little water in the bottom of the cooker
place a small place on top of the bowl
place tamales on the place
put lid on the rice cooker

Works like a charm.:)

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4/9/11 1:01 P

Thanks for the info!! Definately can't wait for lunch today to try out the new way to heat them. Had them yesterday by just heating in the microwave and they were a bit dry. I came up with a topping/side dish with a base of black beans to serve with was delicious! The kiddo even had seconds. I posted it in the recipes if anyone wants to look it up. Thanks again and Blessings! Staci

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4/9/11 12:43 P

Here is how i used to make them ( my husband loves tamales and he always bought the ones you can get at the grocery store):
I would use a big pot , fill it with some water , bring it to a boil , put a colander in the pot , but make sure the water doesn't come through the colander , put the tamales in and steam them for about 15 minutes or so. We would eat regular tortilla chips and salsa with it and sometimes some re-fried beans if i had some.

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4/8/11 1:51 A

i just heat them up and eat them. some people eat them with hot sauce. i just eat them like they are. emoticon

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4/7/11 10:16 P

I was given some tamales that were made and stored in my friends freezer. Now I've got these things and don't know what to do with them. I definately don't want them to go to waste and love to eat mexican food.....I've just never eaten tamales, well not never, 1 time years ago. Any suggestions on what to do with them or how to serve them? Do I just reheat them like burritos and eat like they are?

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