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KELWALD22 SparkPoints: (726)
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7/15/13 5:20 P

I decided to cut out sodas. I'd much rather be able to eat a little more of something I like, than to put those calories in my body with a Dr. Pepper.

7/15/13 4:24 P

Nothing is off limits as long as it's in moderation. So I haven't cut anything out -- except baby carrots since I found out how they're created.

7/15/13 8:57 A

I too cut out things when I overindulge. I am currently on a no snack cakes restriction (might be harder now that twinkies are back).

SUMMIT^SEEKER Posts: 2,495
7/15/13 7:01 A

The more I learn about the garbage chemicals in food and how our food is really "made", I started cutting out meat and processed foods - trying to eat more natural foods now.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
7/15/13 2:53 A

I have temporarily given up sugar. It was controlling my life and I was on a long plateau. I have started losing again, 8 lbs. I don't use artificial sweeteners either because the taste of sweet makes me want more sweet.

ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
7/15/13 2:26 A

I've cut foods out in the past temporarily when I found myself losing control with them. If I ate more than I intended of a certain food on more than several occasions, I put that food off limits. After a period of "sobriety", I found I could again eat that food in moderation. The break from it was all I needed.

Right now, I have no "off-limit" foods. emoticon

OKANOG66 Posts: 5,804
7/14/13 11:07 P

That is terrific KAZZIE531 emoticon

WWREFUGEE1942 SparkPoints: (80,368)
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7/14/13 9:02 P

Hahahahahhaaaa! I thought you meant "what makes you cut things out and put them in your scrap book!" I was trying to think. What DOES make me cut things out? I cut out pretty dresses and throw them into a pile on my bureau. Sometimes I cut out articles in the newspaper and keep them in a file or in my bookcase. Only often I don't actually cut them out, I just tear them out! I only cut things out that I really care about.

KAZZIE531 SparkPoints: (69,775)
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7/14/13 6:38 P

I am a diabetic. I am on 2 different insulin. I lost my job as well as health care. I can't afford the awful high prices of meds. That's when I decided to join SP. Eat healthier, lose weight and get OFF the meds. So far I have cut my dosage in half.

7/14/13 6:27 P

For me it was previous success on a primal diet combined with serious GI problems that flared up this past winter after falling off the primal wagon. Though I don't have my diagnosis yet I have had my endoscopy testing done and now that I'm free to return to paleo without jeopardizing my diagnosis - I have.

I know lots of people have had success on paleo for GI issues and I know from my own previous experience that I also had clearer skin, more energy, my seasonal allergies weren't as bad and was able to more easily stay in my calorie range without feeling deprived or hungry.

So paleo, for me and for right now, means no gluten, grains, dairy, legumes, high FODMAP foods, nuts, seeds, eggs or nightshades. I'm hoping to heal my gut and be able to reintroduce some of these foods after a while, but I think I will stay pretty paleo and gluten free for life (esp. if my diagnosis ends up being celiac - in which case I'll have to), and only rarely have grains, diary and legumes.

OLLIEHAY39 Posts: 56
7/14/13 5:57 P

Hi Iamlovedbyyou:

A friend of mine has a 12 year old daughter who has crohn's or colitis (I don't think they even know which one it is yet) and had such severe autoimmune attacks that they took her large intestine. Twelve years old. Surprisingly the family and the child have not changed their diet. But when I started looking into gluten and other irritants in grains, thought about how grains are the most often processed into the foods I was eating (like breads and pasta) and how they are also the most likely to be GMO, I decided to give them up.

I have eczema which I hoped would clear up as a result. It hasn't. I don't think I have gluten sensitivity or gluten allergy. However I'm eating a lot more "real" food. I used to like toast and coffee for breakfast, or cereal. Both grains. Now I have eggs, some tomato, maybe some avocado and cheese. The cheese if I have it is the only processed thing on that plate. No worrying about additives and so on. I don't buy organic or grass fed beef etc because I simply can't afford it, but I try to make smart choices and cutting down the processed foods has been a smart decision.

ADANNAYAA SparkPoints: (114)
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7/14/13 4:33 P

I've just found this site and I'm so pleased!! I'm cutting out cake, chocolate and similar things....not as treats, but because I ate two chocolate based things a day and several biscuits. I did it because I realised the sweets felt like they were controlling me.

Now I eat a variety of fruit or vegetables whenever I feel like eating something sweet and I reward myself with chocolate when I'm satisfied.

KPA1B2 Posts: 786
7/14/13 2:58 P

My husband was diagnosed as diabetic. Now we keep very little junk food in the house & are eating healthier.

EMME-RUNNER SparkPoints: (63,364)
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Posts: 2,975
7/14/13 2:09 P

I stopped most dairy years ago (decades?) because my system just can't take it. Pure fat dairy is actually tolerable, as it contains little or no lactose. So that means skim milk NO, full fat cream, YES. Ha!

I cut out sugar 2 years ago. I just realized I was eating too much sweet stuff and it was time to stop. I did it as a one day challenge to myself, which turned into 3 days, then a week, a month, and then I figured why did I need it at all? I cut out all sweet additives, actually--not just sugar. No fake sweet, no honey, no agave, etc. I find if I eat some sweet things, my taste for sugar is still there. I eat whole fruit if I want sweet, and occasionally some extremely dark chocolate if it's less than 5gr of sugar per oz.

However, I'm not a complete tyrant about it. If I want some dessert on my birthday (but not on others' birthdays!) I have some. However, I skipped it this year. Just didn't want it.

1954MARG Posts: 243
7/14/13 9:31 A

When I was a child we had two heaped spoonfuls of sugar in every cup (not mug) of tea or coffee and on every bowl of cereal. I wanted to lose wight so when saccharine became available I decided to try that as I couldn't stand anything without sugar, but it tasted absolutely foul. The sweeteners on the market today are much better and have all been safety tested and in use for long periods with no ill effects becoming apparent.
However, they were not an option for me back then, so what I did was slowly reduce my sugar intake by deciding to have a little less each time and once a week or so reduce the quantity again. It took several months but eventually I got my intake down to about one eighth of a spoonful in each cup of tea or bowl of cereal. Then I decided to try them without sugar and found that there wasn't much difference so I stopped adding anything. I wasn't quite as successful with coffee but now I just take one modern sweetener in that and I don't drink it often.
What I would suggest is that you buy a jar of powdered sweetener and use the same process to wean yourself off the sweetness slowly.
It is many years since I stopped taking sugar in tea and cereals and now, if someone stirs a sugared drink with a spoon and stirs my tea afterwards I cannot stand the taste of my tea because of the transfer. I also find that because I have trained myself off added sugar things that are naturally sweet, such as fruit, have so much more flavor as I am more sensitive to their natural sweetness. I hope my suggestions will be helpful to you.

1954MARG Posts: 243
7/14/13 9:08 A

When you are diabetic it is not only what you consume, but when you consume things that can affect your blood sugar. If you have things such as fruit or juice which contain natural sugars on an empty stomach you will absorb them quickly and your blood sugar may rise more quickly than if you have them at the end of a meal when the fiber, proteins and fats that are in your stomach will slow down their absorption.
You are doing really well by reducing your added sugar consumption as that would send your blood sugar up the most quickly.
Our bodies also convert starches (carbohydrates) into sugar, but fiber, protein and fat slows down the release of sugar in the digestive process. Making sure that the starchy foods you eat are incorporated into meals helps to even out the release of sugar into the bloodstream so your body's production of insulin can cope with it.
It takes some time to experiment and find what works best for you.

7/14/13 8:45 A

I gave up sugar and creamer in my coffee when I was on a particular medication. I had it my usual way and it tasted terrible! I then had just sugar and no creamer and it was still gross. So, I switched to black coffee and now only have a soy latte at Starbucks once a month or less.

KOALA_BEAR SparkPoints: (18,475)
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7/14/13 2:15 A

Two reasons. 1) My health. I have gradually been developing annoying symptoms over the years along with gaining weight from inactivity. My doctor has been helpful in pointing out what I'm doing that works - slight weight loss - better numbers on certain tests.

It is a battle but some things are gone from my diet for good; others are cut back or I have only once in a while. A few things although I enjoy eating them, I pay for it later so am trying to associate those good flavors with bad consequences.

That is how I know I’m in balance - when I eat what my body needs and not just what my taste buds want. Fewer cravings for really bad staff like candy bars or pastry.

2) Vanity. I hate the way my body looks and I used to have a lovely figure so am determined that being a stubborn person, I am going to get back into shape. Therefore one thing that I cut out is excuses. Just because I have a bad knee and would prefer to do certain exercises doesn't mean I can't anything. So I am upping my activity levels and started working out again. I hope to find some new ones and am considering the purchase of an air glider if it proves to be low impact. I plan to start swimming at the local pool again, too - as soon as my wprk schedule and the available times coincide.

DESTINEE318 SparkPoints: (15,887)
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7/13/13 8:41 P

A few years ago I was putting about 6-4 heaping teaspoons of sugar in my coffee and drinking several cups a day. I would go through about a 5 lb bag once a week myself. I found out, no big surprise, that I was diabetic and started cutting out sugars. I went to Splenda which is fantastic, especially in iced tea and diet sodas. My sugar readings came down and i was able to go off the metformin I was prescribed BUT.. with the artificial sweeteners, I had no success dieting. Recently, my sugar readings started to go back up. my doctor has not put me back on metformin.. YET.
The reason they went up is because I was struggling with the artificial sweeteners. Ive read alot of bad stuff about them but not only that something inside me told me it wasnt good for me, so Ive started adding hazelnut creamer in my coffee instead of any sweetener, now this has sugar in it, but the trick is now that Im monitoring my calories, i have been able to cut back the hazelnut cream to 1 tablespoon a cup 16 oz coffee. now this for me is huge considering how i sweetened my coffee a while back. I never thought I would be able to drink black coffee and im almost there. even if I stay where I am, i feel confident my sugars will stay in a healthy level. I drink my two to three cups of coffee in the morning, then after lunch it just water til I get my 8 glasses a day. Rarely, I will have a diet soda maybe once every weeks or so. Hope this helps!

FEBRUARY59 SparkPoints: (5,817)
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Posts: 53
7/13/13 8:35 P

Homemade may not be convenient, but it is real food.

I find I just eat simpler and simpler, so that cooking is not time-consuming. I just like the taste of vegetables on their own a lot more now. I grew up making meals everyday for 10 people. it's taken me years to get to where I am now: cooking very very simply. I often just put various spices in at the point of eating, and it's fine.

FEBRUARY59 SparkPoints: (5,817)
Fitness Minutes: (11,715)
Posts: 53
7/13/13 8:18 P

have you tried stevia? you can buy it in an eye-dropper bottle without any greeny taste.

ETCH12 SparkPoints: (20,867)
Fitness Minutes: (14,168)
Posts: 1,221
7/13/13 5:31 P

My husband was in the hospital. His room mate was a very sweet man. The man was extremely overweight. We found out through his nice family that he was there because his blood sugar was out of control. He was struggling with diabetes. He was missing toes. I had a reality check. My Dr. Had advised me that I was prediabetic. I was encouraged to take Metformin. I very quickly changed some easy meal choices. And daily gym visits. I do not want to put my family through my problems.

7/13/13 5:02 P

I cut out beef and pork because it causes joint pain. I cut out dairy because it affects my ulcerative colitis. I've slowed way down on chicken and turkey because many times they taste fatty to me and many times gives me a stomach ache. I've added a cup of beans to my daily diet to get the added benefits of the high fiber.

LIVELYLULU37 Posts: 1,573
7/13/13 4:39 P

There is so much said about diet soda that I just don't buy it anymore. I would like to try to take out artificial sweetener out of my morning teas. There is just so much conflicting information I don't know what to believe!!

DIANAHALLOCK SparkPoints: (32,137)
Fitness Minutes: (21,534)
Posts: 1,248
7/13/13 4:25 P

emoticon I decided to give up the morning pastry. Sugar and coffee made me a mess by 10am. Now peanut butter on toast at 9am means I'm satisfied and 10 pounds lighter!

BE_FIT_AGAIN Posts: 11
7/13/13 4:22 P

I stopped having artificial sweeteners several years ago, when a doctor suggested that could be the trigger for my then constant migraines. I quit drinking diet coke or purchasing sugar free yogurt - because sugar free really meant artificially sweetened. The migraines stopped. And I felt less hungry, which was a good, unexpected outcome.

Recently, I began drinking black coffee. Because I'd rather eat my calories than drink them.

I've tried eliminating meats in the past. But I became anemic. And hypoglycemia was a problem. Eating more nuts and fish and less beef and chicken works out better for me.

7/13/13 4:21 A

Learning what really happens in processing plants and slaughter houses

ADVENTURESEEKER SparkPoints: (47,196)
Fitness Minutes: (86,003)
Posts: 795
7/13/13 3:29 A

I gave up regular pop about 8 years ago, because it is nothing but sugar, flavour and chemicals...empty calories. I gave up most diet pop about a year and a half ago, but how some people love that cold beer on a hot summer's day....well that's how I feel about my diet pepsi or diet rootbeer/nestea on a hot summer's day. So I limit myself to 1 a day in the summer, but sometimes I don't even have 1. Sometimes a half or a quarter is all I really want. I am trying to give up gluten, as it makes me soooooooo tired and break out in hives. Sure enough, when I go without I have more energy and rarely get a hive. I rarely drink juice anymore (like- once a year now, maybe. I'd prefer to eat my fruit and get the benefits of the fiber.). I also have given up social drinking for the most part now. Empty calories, and it always messes with my weight-in for the week.

SUEK24 Posts: 1,139
7/12/13 10:08 P

I cut out omega 6 fats and starchy carbohydrates when I learned how detrimental they are to staying healthy.

MACKEMOM Posts: 69
7/12/13 10:01 P

I've decided to skip the booze. Don't seem to be losing while boozing....;) emoticon

PEACEFULONE SparkPoints: (73,804)
Fitness Minutes: (77,621)
Posts: 6,012
7/12/13 7:07 P

I gave up soda pop when a little spilled cola took the paint off my garage floor. Imagine what it did to my stomach.

KATYDID412 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,165)
Posts: 6,078
7/12/13 4:03 P

I've tried to cut down on diet pepsi, which I love. I feel like I make worse choices when I allow myself to drink it. Plus, all you read about now is all the terrible things about diet soda. Most of the time I don't miss it.

KNOTTS9 SparkPoints: (374)
Fitness Minutes: (230)
Posts: 4
7/12/13 1:11 P

I am watching how many processed foods I am eating each day. I normally drink water, so can't cut out drinks. I think my weakness is serving size. I don't like measuring, but it totally puts it in perspective for me.

7/12/13 3:09 A

Hey, me too! Ugh with the artificial sweeteners. They are very insidius! Have just used regular sugar or honey in my tea for example, and only a little bit to feel like it is a cosey dessert (I know, but a cup of slightly sweet tea with milk does help with the sweetie craving).

Finally cut out my nemesis: potato chips since about Mar this year. Have not even had one! Just had to cut them out completely because can't eat just one or two or even a handful. I had to eat the entire bag. Then my lips were salted out like a puffer fish, my complexion was horrid and of course the weight. Next thing I want to tackle is ice cream, which, and I can say this with hand over heart, I have not been eating as much of it lately in an effort to cut out some calories.

MBUCHANAN9 SparkPoints: (50,187)
Fitness Minutes: (73,616)
Posts: 125
7/11/13 11:04 P

I've mainly cut out things that I either can't stop eating or that affect my digestive system.

For instance, I've cut out dairy 99.9% of the time--it gives me diarrhea; the amount depends on how much I've eaten. I might eat some cheese every once in a while, or maybe some Greek yoghurt, but not often.

I've cut out sugar, things like chips, and most gluten containing things because I find that if I start eating them, it's VERY hard for me to stop eating them. So it's better for me to not start.

And I'm trying to cut down on artificial sweeteners because of the gastric side-effects.

KATIZUMI2013 Posts: 90
7/11/13 9:52 P

Hey Sixstones! Way to go! We will do it together! I am brand new here and rapidly lowering my health risks that were peaking out with a BMI of over 42, at 60 years old. I joined SP three days before my 61st birthday, this week. Walking 20 minutes a day and dropping calories to 1200, and have lost 5 lbs already! thank you SP! love sarah

KATIZUMI2013 Posts: 90
7/11/13 9:43 P

I cut out soda, altho I had already cut out caffeine soda. The sugar makes me feel icky! I love natural all fruit juices. I have learned to read the labels carefully! Some are just a sugar drink with a little juice! Why buy cranberry juice cocktail when for the same price you can buy cranberry juice all juice? I have figured it out~!

MMILLER139 SparkPoints: (5,457)
Fitness Minutes: (4,553)
Posts: 272
7/11/13 8:49 P

I have always wanted to be thin and healthy, everything I tried never worked, I just didn't know how. I never understood why I couldn't eat what all the other thin people ate and never exercised and still look good like them. I thought it was probably just in my genes and I was destined to look this way. Until I found SparkPeople! It really opened my eyes... about nearly EVERYTHING! I was blind, but now I see, thanks to SP!

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
7/11/13 7:36 P

When I finally got serious about being healthy and losing weight, I decided I didn't want to deprive myself of stuff I liked. So I decided that I could have 1 serving a day of anything I wanted BUT I had to eat 8 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

Funny thing, after 8 servings of F&V's you are really not hungry for much of anything else!

So, while I can have them if I want to, I rarely eat processed foods as they don't taste good, almost never eat fast food as what I make is so much better and don't eat a lot of carbs as they make me very sleepy during the day.

I don't feel well after eating a lot of the things that I used to eat so I eat the things that make me feel good like F&V's and lean protein. I eat low fat and low carb and have lost 99#s! And most importantly, I feel good.

OPTIMIST1948 SparkPoints: (27,515)
Fitness Minutes: (25,029)
Posts: 745
7/11/13 7:11 P

Awesome work Stixnstones!

I cut out juice (bottled) and alot of breads, pastas and potatoes. I found they were "cheap" calories that I could easily live without. I'm eating more of them now, but still way fewer than my "before" days.

FITMOMMA32 SparkPoints: (3,253)
Fitness Minutes: (15,209)
Posts: 13
7/11/13 7:09 P

I have cut nothing..When I first started losing weight a few years back I went nuts with it and ate like a rabbit...I have learned alot since then.I have maintained my loss over the years and am finally happy in my own skin.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
7/10/13 10:16 P

Congratulations, STIXNSTONES, on your 13 lb. weight loss! That's even better than 2 pounds a week, so very well done!

I am so sorry you've had such serious health challenges. But I'm so happy to see you're heading the advice of the therapists who visited you, and if you follow their advice, I promise -you'll both do and feel better. I can only imagine what you've been through with your gallbladder problems...

Keep up the good work! emoticon

STIXNSTONES SparkPoints: (26,388)
Fitness Minutes: (20,652)
Posts: 16
7/10/13 10:06 P

Pure fright. I has hospitalized for a gall bladder infection. I weighed in at 380 lbs, The doctors informed me that I needed surgery to save my life, however do to my weight and physical condition the odds were very high that I may not recover from the anesthetic. Thank God I emoticon survived but I have many challenges, a major stroke in 1995 and again in 1996 and several lesser strokes since. this make walking and standing a challenge for me. I was lulled into just accepting that my physical health should just naturally decline. Thankfully after my release from the hospital several therapist came to my house and taught about proper diet and more importantly many cardio and strength exercises I could do from my living room lift chair.In just six weeks I have gone from 380 lbs to 367 ilbs. this is just the begining of my jurny

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
7/10/13 6:14 P

It was some specific advice from my internist that I took in response to the very high triglyceride level I had at the time, but he suggested omitting white flour, white sugar, all pasta, all rice (even brown, which surprised me), all bread, all added sugar, and the overuse of fats.

I didn't like hearing any of this, as these were staples for me :) What a harsh adjustment, too! But all sorts of non-starchy produce was fine, he said, as were lean sources of protein and skim milk. The first couple weeks, I really felt deprived, too. The interesting thing was, he never uttered a single word about my weight, which was 190 back then. So I followed his instructions and cut back on calories (my idea). I lost all the weight I wanted to and normalized my blood tests.

Somewhere along the line, my kidneys started getting rid of too much sodium, so my serum sodium became dangerously low. So my internist and kidney doc both collaborated, having me eat rather large amounts of sodium - a first for me. Now, that's fine, too.

It's amazing what we can do...

7/10/13 3:57 P

I have cut out soda because I have no self control. I am sodaholic and if I have one I want and crave more. It is the only thing I have completely cut out of my diet.

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BONITASUE10 SparkPoints: (210)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 15
7/10/13 11:10 A

I've cut out Mt. Dew and most soda. Mt. Dew has an oil in it that starts with a B that messes with your moods, depression and several other things. Not a good thing at all! Look on the back of the can and google it, we did and I quit drinking it that day I have a clearer head since I quit drinking it. I drank it for 27 yrs. at least 2 a day it's water, not so sweet koolaid, unsweetened ice tea.

7/10/13 10:05 A

I'm working on cutting out soda and coffee because I really don't need it and the acid is starting to get to my stomach. Plus, I drink the froo-froo coffee drinks and would save a lot of $$ if I didn't buy them anymore :)

1JILIPEPPER SparkPoints: (584)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 4
7/10/13 9:31 A

i had to cut the cheese lol and icecream emoticon lol it was makeing me feel bloated and sometimes id throw up but now im aware of my lactose intolerance and steer clear of dairy but i keep haveing cheese craveings

7/10/13 9:12 A

When I noticed I was constantly stocking my fridge with soda emoticon

TRIATHLETEGIRL SparkPoints: (56,067)
Fitness Minutes: (61,024)
Posts: 356
7/10/13 12:33 A

When I was in high school I became a vegetarian and have pretty much stuck with it since (13 years). I did it to try to lose weight. Now I do it because meat grosses me out. It's funny how people change. I am careful with dairy because it seems to contribute to chronic ear infections, and I'd love to become vegan, except I love cheese and eat eggs. I love cheese so much that I can't keep it in the house, so I hardly get any at all.

Having a burning interest in health, nutrition, diet, and environment, I overhauled my diet to eliminate everything and take on the view of focusing on what I CAN have. I love going to the grocery store and stocking up on all the fresh vegetables and some fruit from the organic produce section. I will sometimes get grains like popcorn, wild rice, or quinoa. I always choose the grains based on fiber content and always get them in bulk. I like to get nuts (though only a tiny bit at a time because I will eat too many of them) and tofu. I make my own seitan and stuff like that. I love to cook so almost every meal is made from scratch. I don't normally feel deprived because I am thinking about all the great choices there are out there for me to eat and it crowds out the cheese puffs, Cheez-its, ice cream, crackers, and other trigger foods. By the way, I make my own banana ice cream by blending up frozen bananas. Tastes great!

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