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AMHDAVIS Posts: 21
10/3/12 10:29 P

The starting over didn't go that good,so I'm trying again.

SHELLSEA60 Posts: 106
4/10/12 5:18 P

I do the same thing, this is my third attempt at sparks.........I am on day 2 . I know that I am meant to be the person inside, the healthy, toned and happy girl who lives with in so I will continue to try......and you can too

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Posts: 20
4/10/12 3:30 P

i actually am trying it out now i actually am tonight going to stop eating for now and 4 about 6 months, and i just not pleased with my body weight i feel nasty and ow-full. and if i can ntake it back then i would but i can't and i know now that is all i can do 4 now.

3/13/12 4:52 P

nothing is wrong with you or me or any of us. the thing is that people just love food. It's not just you. we all love to enjoy the flavors, the smells and just the experience of trying new stuff to eat. just try it and move on. there is nothing wrong with having a little. the problem is when we have alot of the stuff we shouldn't have. just remember to keep moving and eating right. things will fall into place. i'm right there with you. i've been up and down for many years. just keep jumping up and starting over. don't give up and enjoy who you are right now. don't be mad or hate yourself or your body right now. be happy and enjoy the body you have now and as your moving towards your goal you'll enjoy the smaller you even more.

Keep smiling =) Kristine

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3/13/12 3:50 P

noting u look great

SHYBEAR11 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 20
3/13/12 3:49 P

noting u look great

SHYBEAR11 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 20
2/13/12 2:37 P

noting but i know that i am depressed and that i hate my nasty body i need help now.

POGOMOP Posts: 115
2/7/12 3:27 A

Well I know it's been over a week since you posted this, I hope you're still feeling motivated and pumped up about your journey. You can do it!

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 754
1/29/12 2:25 P

Dear Melissa --
First of all, there is NOTHING wrong with you! (so consider changing the theme of your journal). Second, the very best thing you can do for your daughter is (exactly what you are doing) to set a good example of healthy living.

Your starting weight is about where I was 2 years ago.
Keep up the hard work and recommit every day (not only every Monday) to a life that you love and a family that relies on your leadership!

You can do this!


1/29/12 1:35 P

I believe in you, you can do this!

Maybe think of 5 things you could do each day that would lead to five pounds gone. Are you near a pool? My daughter loves to go water jogging with me, all three kids love the YMCA too. Try to make this fun for your daughter, we set mini rewards for the "effort"... Target clearance shopping, doing hair and nails... Things that she would really look forward to. This also reinforces to your daughter that is all about the effort, not what a scale says.

I hope you have an awesome week!

AMHDAVIS Posts: 21
1/29/12 1:02 P

Hello everyone, I'm Melissa. This isn't my first try at losing weight, seems like I start every Monday and by that night or the next day I'm done. I have a mother with Type 1 diabetes, a father with Type 2, and a little girl that is over weight, and the list could go on and on. I have all the reasons in the world to want to loss the weight but I have no motivation, there always seems like there is another day to do it. I get all pumped up to do it each Sunday night and then when it is time to make it happen I fall on my face. So I'm trying something new I'm going to try and write a daily blog telling anyone who is willing to listen what I've done each day to work toward my goal. Believe it or not this isn't an easy step, I'm a very private person but I have to do something. So here we go:
Day 1
I started this blog! On a Sunday of course. lol
I walked 30 minutes with my daughter.(which she was mad about)

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