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3/3/13 12:22 P

I have COPD which limits what I am able to do. So my cardio workout is at a gym where I do between 10 & 30 min on a stationary bike & then 20 to 60 min on a treadmill that I control the intervals so as not to become breathless. Those I try to do 5 days a week, which most of the time I do. Then 3 days a week I do light toning, two days are with the heavy muscles & 1 day with the lighter muscles. On most off days I work with resistance bans for 3 session's of 10 min each. This is what works for me so far, which is been almost 2 months.

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2/26/13 10:08 P

+1 to what GRAVELRIDGEBOY said, whatever you'll stick with and is congruent with your goals.

I've done Supreme 90 Day, which is like a budget version of P90X. On strength training days I've been doing the Spartacus Workout - Triple Set Scorchers, which is basically just circuit training. Most of my stuff is cycling oriented, whatever will help my cycling.

2/25/13 4:14 P

Body for Life isn't bad at all. The thing I like about it is that it leads you through high intensity cardio (do 20 minutes but that 20 minutes leaves you breathless) along with doing strength training as well.

You can pick up an old Body for Life book cheap on Amazon or in Half Priced Books...

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2/22/13 10:14 A

I've found that whenever I used to stick to one program, I would associate going to the gym with that program. What happens is that if I skip a few days, or a week or so, I end up quitting on the program, thus quitting on going to the gym altogether. Happens all the time.

Try just going to the gym as many days a week as you can, and just lift weights. Alternating body parts, of course.

2/21/13 9:36 A

The guys are right. The best workout program is one that works for you.

I started working with a personal trainer a month ago. He has given me some heavy weight work to do which is getting fabulous results. A friend of mine suggested that we join a cross fit class together. My trainer said "Don't do it". I did it anyway, and I'm getting better results from the combination of heavy weights and cross fit.

All of the resources you mention are good sources of information, but you need to figure out what'll work for you and your fitness goals. Do you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve? Weight loss? Muscle strength? Training for a sport? Something else? A lot of your workout choices depend on where you want to get to.

My workout, the Trinity-Will-Look-Hot-In-Her-Bikini-This-S
ummer Workout, would probably be totally unsuitable for you.

DAMIENHUSTED SparkPoints: (6,896)
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2/19/13 5:15 P

My Own

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
2/19/13 12:51 P

Yep, the best workout program is the one you can make sustainable. It's a lifestyle, not a short term thing.

TOMMYGUN81 SparkPoints: (5,693)
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2/18/13 12:30 P

Yeah, building your own program would be best. Find an activity you like doing for cardio, do that as many times a week as you can, and just lift 3 days a week.

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
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2/17/13 6:31 P

The best workout program is the one that you will stick with. Everyone is going to be different. Since you are new in town I would suggest going to your public library, the one here has shelves full of the different workout videos. You can go in there and try them out one at a time, it will give you a variety and change things up. If you find one you really like then you can look into adding it to your collection (buy it used or make a copy) and then keep looking.

I am not good at watching workout videos, I like to workout while watching other things like tv, movies, news...whatever. So I take exercises from different programs to make my own and then just draw out a diagram just to refresh my memory as I am working out. Good Luck

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2/17/13 5:21 P

It depends on your goals. Most of the videos suck. I did P90X, but looking back, it was a mistake. I'm a big fan of lifting heavy weights and doing conditioning work. That has been by far the most effective plan I've worked. Starting Strength, 5x5 Strong Lifts, 5/3/1 are all good lift programs. Sprinkle in some HIIT of some sort and that's all you need. Simple wins again.

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2/15/13 10:18 A

I am looking for a good workout DVD program that I could do by myself. I am in a new part of Georgia so I have no accountability partners yet. I have some old videos that I have used in the past (One of the Billy Banks Videos, Some Kick Boxing Videos, A Tae Kwon Do Blackbelt Test that a friend gave me, etc.), and I have used free videos from SP, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. I don't really have the time to create a program of my own. I saw on one of the other message boards people talking about Insanity & P90X. I also see the ads for the stuff here with Coach Nicole and I just want a nudge in the right direction. I am making the time to workout, now I want to make the most of the time. Tell me what your favorite is and why it is your favorite and I will let y'all know when and what I pick. Thanks.

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