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6/16/12 4:01 P

For everyone's edification, an ENDOCRINOLIGIST would be the doctor to see as he/she specializes in metabolic issues which can range from metabolic syndrome, diabetic care, Thyroid issues, being overweight. Some offices even have reigerstered dieticians on site and help with food choices.

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6/16/12 3:00 P

I'm guessing that these are actually two doctors: One is the surgeon who made the diagnosis, the other the general doctor who doesn't know what it is. I still have concerns that the doctor doesn't know, and didn't find out.

I would consider searching for a new doctor, if they're not willing to at least do a 5 minute google search to learn what one of their patients has been diagnosed with! Even I can do that, and I have no medical training!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,314
6/16/12 8:56 A

Metabolic syndrome relates insulin problems and high risk factors. The main features of metabolic syndrome includes insulin resistance, hypertension (high blood pressure), cholesterol abnormalities, high triglycerides and an increased risk for clotting. Patients are most often overweight or obese.

Your husband has HBP, Diabetes, and probably high cholesterol, and is over weight. He has metabolic syndrome.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,707
6/14/12 3:52 P

The doctor tells him that he has metabolic syndrome and then with you... "The doctor couldn't answer my question of what is metabolic syndrome. "

Sounds like a lousy doctor!
How can he diagnose something if he doesn't know what it is?

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6/14/12 3:25 P

I don't know if he is ready for lifestyle change or not. I have mentioned Sparkpeople to him since he has done WW online before. He has told me that he would think about it. He has mentioned the lap band and I told him that the lap band won't do any good if you are still craving sweets. The urologist would like to see Steve go to a weight control center in Little Rock and even today mention it to Steve. I have been a member of Sparkpeople now for two years and have lost almost 100 pounds so I know the system works. Thanks for your advise on the subject.


6/14/12 2:32 P

1. Your husband does need to make an appointment with his physician.
2. Your husband will have to decide if "he" is ready for the diet and lifestyle change to improve his health--based on the lab results.
3. There are many options. Sparkpeople can help or is he more interested in group classes, or one-on-one counseling??

Dietitian Becky

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6/14/12 2:13 P

Was that the surgeon, who just did this surgery but doesn't normally see your husband?

Either way, you may have had a close call. For the surgeon to say that, he must have seen something strange during the surgery-- presumably your husband's blood sugar was out of control. But if he had read your husband's chart and seen the diabetes diagnosis, he should have been prepared for it. I think you need to have a serious conversation with your husband's GP or whoever else has been seeing him, tell them what happened, and make DARNED sure that they start communicating a whole lot better. If the surgeon went in not knowing that your husband was diabetic, some very bad things could have happened. (Of course, anyone who looks at a patient who weighs over 250 lbs and doesn't ASK if he's diabetic is also an idiot.)

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6/14/12 2:01 P

This should help:

I'm a little concerned that your doctor didn't know what it was!

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6/14/12 2:00 P

Your doctor diagnosed your husband with something, then says he doesn't know what it is? I'd switch doctors.

This was the first link for googling -

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6/14/12 1:46 P

My husband had surgery yesterday for a 10mm kidney stone. The doctor came out after the surgery and said that he has metabolic syndrome and needs to lose the weight. Granted I have also tried to get Steve to lose weight by getting him a gym membership. He has not used in about a year or so. He weighs 385 pounds and also has high blood pressure and type 2 diabeties. Yesterday his reading was 300. The doctor couldn't answer my question of what is metabolic syndrome. He said that he didn't know but there is the internet.


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