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2/18/11 5:18 A


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2/17/11 10:22 A


2/17/11 9:34 A

Special K Protein Shake

I recently learned that after exercising you need protein and carbs because there's a 30 minute window after the workout where your body will absorb protein and carbs.

Yesterday I worked out before eating anything and drank a "Special K protein shake" which also helped control my hunger for 3 hours.

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2/16/11 6:26 P


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2/15/11 3:55 P

I usually have cereal before and a protein bar for a snack after

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2/15/11 7:37 A

i love special K protein shakes... especially the vanilla! i only drink half the bottle though - they get too sweet for me!

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2/15/11 7:34 A


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2/14/11 6:42 P

Usually a fruit smoothie with added protein powder.

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2/14/11 12:56 P

On weekends I have a 100 calorie pack of almonds, 2 rice cakes, and a bottle of water before the gym. They keep me going and I am more likely to burn off more than the amount of calories I ate in my cardio alone.

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2/14/11 6:31 A


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2/13/11 10:46 A


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2/12/11 11:11 A

After. I workout first thing on an empty stomach and replenish after the morning workout, usually with a protein/fruit shake.

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2/12/11 11:02 A

I usually roll out of bed and do my cardio without eating, but if I needed to, I would have a banana or V8 juice. After cardio, a good rule to follow is four parts Carbohydrates to one part Protein. Something that is easy to get in this ratio is chocolate milk.

Otherwise, I have cooked cereal (oatmeal, or other 5 or 7 grain cereal) with greek yogurt.

As for tracking, I put them both as breakfast, as the first one is very small for me. You could add another category (like snacks) called "Pre-workout", to your nutrition tracker. Here is the link with the instructions to do that:

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2/12/11 10:59 A


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2/12/11 8:04 A


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2/11/11 8:48 P

I drink a 100 calorie muscle milk.

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2/11/11 2:40 P

I usually have a Special K Protein shake before the gym. It's only 190 calories, makes you feel full and gives you a little extra energy. I only like the chocolate flavor but there is also vanilla and strawberry available.

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2/11/11 1:33 P

I have added meals to my tracker ...I call them snacks, I have 4 snack options plus my meals.breakfast is what I first eat in a day...otherwise I call it my am snack.

As for after gym, it depends on how hungry I am...sometimes just a yogurt. Other times cottage cheese. And I will eat a handful of nuts or protein bar to keep muscles fueled up.

Hope this helps.

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2/11/11 12:51 P

I usually eat a Nature Valley Granola bar and some ice coffee (with skim and no sugar) before the gym.

Afterwards I am always searching for a good healthy snack - thoughts? Something "breakfasty".

Also, how do you write down eating this on sparkppl? Do they both count as breakfast?

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