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TCHAN0821 Posts: 47
7/19/12 7:19 P

Thanks for the info. I probably won't be going to the doc about it, pills don't sound appealing. But I think at least having an idea of what's going on when I seem to snap for no reason is probably a good start to dealing with it, knowing it'll go away in a few days.
The water weight is still getting me down though 5 days in 4lbs up D: Making it hard to keep on track emoticon Just have to keep reminding myself that its not possible to put on 4 lbs in 5 days the way I've been eating and exercising

DPOWERS18 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/19/12 12:41 A

Typically PMDD symptoms last at least 1 week, for me it's almost 2 weeks. While intense feelings of depression and even thoughts of suicide are symptoms of PMDD, there are several other symptoms like severe fatigue, weight gain, and irritability. If you think you might have it you can talk to your doctor, but I will tell you that the only treatments they have for it are not very good. They will more than likely either prescribe you an anti-depressant or birth control pills or both. I've tried several different anti-depressants, and the side effects were awful, and it just wasn't worth dealing with the side effects all the time to try to treat something that only lasts some of the time. Like you, I'm naturally a really happy and content person, so taking an anti-depressant just wasn't the right thing for me. I went to a psychologist who helped me cope with the emotional aspects of my PMDD, and I just deal with the physical aspects of it the best I can.

Oh, and for me, my weight and my emotional state tend to go back to normal about 2 days after my period starts, which is about the halfway point for me.

TCHAN0821 Posts: 47
7/18/12 11:31 P

Going to add a question to this thread. Around when do you find that 'extra weight' finally wooshes away? 4 days in and I just keep going up and up and up despite being incredibly strict with my regime :P I always thought the gain was supposed to happen just proir to and the woosh to happen during the beginning... I've been avoiding recording my weekly weigh in because I know my current weight is a false one :P The first time I got really serious about losing the weight I was just fresh off having a baby and had no TOM to contend with yet so I don't really know when the extra weight goes on/comes off for me normally.
I noticed a PP mention PMDD, I saw something on TV about it recently and had never heard about it before then. Haven't been diagnosed but I really wouldn't be surprised if I had it too. A couple days a month I find myself crying all the time, wondering how the hell I ended up in the life I did, wishing I was dead, etc. Most every other day I feel as if I wouldn't trade this life for anything, its a really really bizarre change.

TIPPYWINGS SparkPoints: (0)
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7/18/12 11:21 P

I have sever periods which has me in bed but the week before it like i can't get enough food then week of i feel nauseated, and have to force my self to eat. emoticon

LYNNA1968 SparkPoints: (91,004)
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7/18/12 9:49 P

food is chocolate followed by something salty
emotionally a mess, could be hysterical one minute & laughing the next

TJ1TJ1 SparkPoints: (2,524)
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7/18/12 11:21 A

Good question, been wanting to ask it.

I get a migrane and can't eat for the first day or so, I usually dont get enough calories. I don't exercise at all, no energy for that. It's my excuse I guess. I'm emotional, so emotional that I kind of disengage so I won't snap on anyone. I am always aware that I can overeat during this time so with this said, I don't deprive myself, but I don't over-indulge either.

7/18/12 11:02 A

Water definitely helps me through that time... If you feel bloated, I find that 1tbsp cider vinegar and a lemon wedge added to a glass of water helps with that.
Getting up the motivation to work out gets tough sometimes, but afterwards I definitely feel better!

My problem has been that I hit that time of the month, and none of my healthy food tastes good--all the spinach and veggies taste bitter, and the fruits don't satisfy... I have to compromise and make sure to eat a little of what I'm craving, otherwise I will definitely binge.

TRICIAE2 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/18/12 10:55 A

Before I started exercising, I used to have bad cramps and either a very weepy day or an extreme anger day. I would either cry at the drop of a hat or I would go OFF on anyone who even glanced my direction.

Now that I'm exercising and drinking lots of water every day, I don't even notice a change during that special week. If anything, I might crave chocolate, but it's not out of control. I just eat a little chunk of dark chocolate and still keep within my calorie range for the day.

QUAIL75 Posts: 10,649
7/18/12 10:31 A

I'm really hungry a couple of days before, bloated and crampy and have headaches and a sore back. It's annoying, especially the "weight gain", but manageable and regular exercise has really helped, especially sweating out the "crank".

KIMJHOWARD1 SparkPoints: (59,540)
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7/18/12 10:24 A

I walked 4 miles. It felt good to push myself

FARRAH511 Posts: 2,639
7/18/12 9:25 A

I usually slow down a little bit on the exercise and eat some treats...

ZOMBIFIEDNERD SparkPoints: (6,506)
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7/18/12 12:11 A

The first two days I'm starving. ALL THE TIME. And moody. Very little cramps, but I do get gassy.

After that its fine. Well, as fine as that time of the month can be.

WRITINGBLUEHAWK SparkPoints: (20,360)
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7/17/12 10:28 P

avoid the scale

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (239,235)
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7/17/12 6:45 P

I've been pretty lucky with my TOM - very few cramps and only about a day of "weepiness".

I find that a good workout makes me feel better anytime, including my TOM.

TEACHFIRST268 SparkPoints: (27,710)
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Posts: 1,770
7/17/12 6:26 P

Wow...glad I stumbled on to this thread. Very interesting reading and good to know I'm not alone!

Just in the last year or so I've started feeling VERY emotional for a couple days just before. I am easily frustrated/angered/impatient and at times feel weepy (don't actually cry, but am easily saddened). After several months of this happening, I finally made the connection that this is occurring just before that T.O.M. When I'm going through it, I now realize it's only temporary and try very hard to talk myself out of a lot of my negative thoughts - but it really is a battle. I was actually considering talking to my doctor about it because I've never been affected this way...and I don't like feeling that way!!!

VIVIAN77520 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 11
7/17/12 5:11 P

I'm moody....VERY moody, road rage, kids can't do anything right around the house.....I'm 5' tall and feel bulletproof. I do a generic PMS pill from my doctor,to help....tried everything before coming to the stage. HOWEVER, this just started just a few years ago, though it was because of some major changes in my life (I'm not even going to think it's because I'm over 40). I'm continually trying to find a happy place a week before, but have not found anything yet.
I'm going to incorporate yoga in my exercise, it supposed to be good for the body and mind and I've only dabbled a bit in bootcamp.

FABULOUS4US Posts: 159
7/17/12 6:59 A

Up until a year ago, I didn't have any emotional or food triggers pre-/during TOM. But now....

The week before Aunt Flow, I turn into a cry baby. I feel like crying all the time, get frustrated easily, and can get depressed over the littlest thing. I also want to stuff myself with chocolate, ice cream, and anything smooth/creamy. Working out helps, but it is more a matter of constantly reminding myself that it is not my normal self and I just need to curl up until the week is over. I'll cry if I need to, even egging myself on to cry just to get it out.

The week of Flow, I'm usually fine. Soreness hits above my knees so workouts can be a little tougher, but in general the workouts help a lot. It is easier to keep on track that week that the one before. Bloating is not fun, but workouts help a little with that.

DPOWERS18 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,244
7/16/12 12:03 P

I am on the extreme end of this. I was diagnosed with PMDD (think PMS only 100 times worse). I basically turn into a completely different person a week or two before my period. I also get really bad cramps during my period. I have found that exercise helps. If I force myself to exercise no matter how miserable and tired I feel, I typically feel a little bit better the rest of the day. As for eating I just fight it. My appetite skyrockets then, but I just ignore it. I track everything I eat, and even though I feel like I'm starving, I know I'm not because I'm eating the same amount as before. I really hate that my body does this to me, but it is what it is. I haven't found anything that really helps. I just have to fight through it every month.

7/16/12 8:09 A

I get really bad cramps and just generally feel weak and exhausted for 3 to 4 days before. It takes a huge effort to go to the gym. Then I have to contend with the cramps!

Craving wise, for about 4 days before I just want to eat the world, then during I can't stand the sight of food!

LMILTON67 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 573
7/16/12 7:42 A

French Fries or chocolate...

7/16/12 12:41 A

I find myself ravenously craving sweets. Usually it happens late at night, and I just want to eat a house.

I tell myself to go to bed because the cravings will be gone in the morning.

And I consume massive amounts of crystal light. Usually I prefer plain water, but will add the packets to my drink during that time.

KIMJHOWARD1 SparkPoints: (59,540)
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Posts: 2,260
7/15/12 4:52 P

The only thing I experience during this time is extra pounds on the scale! I know I'm bloated and that makes it go up. Does anyone else do that or is it something I'm doing? I know I'm not doing every thing right. My iron is apparently a little low so I gotta work on that. I'm getting a bike Friday, excited about that. I still love walking the best and still will do that M, W, F. But I need something that will burn more calories. I will conquer this thing

FABULOUS4US Posts: 159
7/13/12 6:55 A

I used to not be affected with cravings or emotions, but the past year I've been an emotional wreck during "that time". Still no cravings, but emotional eating. I usually feel like crying a lot and get depressed/upset with my body (image).

Fitness Minutes: (383)
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7/12/12 1:43 P

I guess I am fortunate in this area. I have never had an physical or emotional changes during that time of the month.

RADIOTIKSPARK1 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/12/12 1:37 P

Well one thing I do is not let it be an excuse for anything. When my mind starts creeping towards ideas like "Oh I should have that chocolate because it is that time of the month, it is fair" I instantly switch direction and call it for what it is: me justifying urges that I have all the time. When I make it through the week and haven't given in, i feel proud!

CHUBUYU SparkPoints: (0)
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7/12/12 12:45 P

Do you experience any difference mentally or physically during that "time of month"?

What do you do to stay positive or overcome any difficulty that you have to face?

Maybe we can share tips to handle that certain situation

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