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12/18/02 9:36 P

Ooops ... Ya, goal pilot is the new name. Did you set it up alright Melanie? You'll love it . It's such a great way to keep track of your goals and acomplishments.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/18/02 3:26 P

Thanks!!! :)

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
12/18/02 2:34 P

Hi Melanie:

MySpark is the old name. Now days, click on GoalPilot.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/18/02 1:52 P

Where is "My Spark"? I cannot seem to find it and would love to add a few goals for myself! thanks!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
10/14/02 10:24 A

If you are looking for fitness tips:

Exercise Videos: go to to read up on what is available. Go to to order.

The Exercise Streak Challenge: Join Us.

Tracking Calories In/Calories Out: Go to If you are looking to lose, make sure you burn more than you eat every day, even if that is only a very small amount. The small amounts add up over time. Protect and even improve your metabolic rate by eating enough food: let your calorie deficit vary, being large (-500 but probably no greater) on some days, medium (-300 to -200 or less) on some days, small (-100) on some days, and maintenance (no deficit) on other days. If you are exercising a lot at a high intensity, then once every 7 to 10 days, eat an excess of calories and see what that does for you. This trick for kicking up your metabolic rate works wonders for some people.

Eat well, do some cardio, and do some weight training. Also get in plenty of stretching.

Drink water. And then drink some more.

Use MySpark as Doc suggested. It will help you pull everything together.

Be patient. Enjoy the process. Focus on exercise improvement, nutrition improvement, learning how to cook tasty/healthy foods, etc. Don't focus on weight loss - - just let it happen as a side effect. A very slow loss can work for anyone. A very fast loss ends up making 95% of people fatter in the long run.

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10/12/02 6:28 P

Hi, Hey so glad that you have joined . You will really love this site. It is just excellent. Try starting off with "My Spark" and set up some goals to track. I started with really small ones like brushing the dog and writing my Mom a letter one time per week and gradually added on different things as the other ones started to become a habit. You won't believe just how much you can accomplish if you just stick with it and follow the prompting and besides there are a lot of interesting people on the boards and all willing to help and also just chat about various things. It's great to have new people. Keep us posted ok. What area's of interest do you have?

STACYL Posts: 1
10/12/02 12:48 A

I just joined and I need some tips. Any out there?

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