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8/9/12 10:46 A

Yay! He actually LIKED the dinner I made last night!!!! Even though my George Foreman slightly burned the outside (it only has two settings, on and off!), my picky hubby actually liked it and was full, he couldn't even eat all of what I put on his plate!

It's raid the fridge night so he will have to be happy with his cooked cabbage with bacon....ewww...made the whole house stink, but he's happy with it! I'll have my yummy leftovers!

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8/7/12 10:58 P

Oh believe me, I know how you are feeling. My husband is the leader of the pack when it comes to being a picky eater. He doesn't like anything green, he doesn't like his food mixed up (casserole) and he's definitely a meat and potatoes guy. He likes kid foods like hot dogs, pizza, burgers, etc. He also likes the sugary kids cereal and pop tarts. So my boys follow what their Dad eats and when I make something that "looks" different, Dad is the leader moaning a big YUK at the table. It's very frustrating.

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8/7/12 9:32 P

It saddens me when ever I see any spouse act that way. There have been times when my wife turned her nose up at something I fixed, but she knows if she makes too big of a fuss, SHE will either be the cook from then on or at least for herself. PERIOD

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8/7/12 5:11 P

He's a grown man, and you can't force him or treat him like a child. He is old enough to make his decision. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

He's the horse in this analogy.

Weight loss is one of those things you can't force on anyone. If he's not ready, no amount of nagging from you will make it happen. If anything, it will make him dig his heels in and start being more stubborn!

He's not sabotaging you. He's sabotaging yourself. I KNOW how frustrating it is to have a hubby who's not on board. Mine's not. He's in the kitchen right now making southern ham and grits with red eye gravy. He will eat so much he's about to pop, and them complain about his pants not fitting.

But until he's ready, he won't do a thing.

The only thing you can do is sit him down later (AFTER dinner, when you're not upset) and explain why you're upset. Tell him that you feel hurt he didn't even want to try what you made. It's okay to not like something, but to dismiss it before even trying? That's not okay.

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8/7/12 1:30 P

There's not really anything you can do. Maybe buy some cold meat, cheese and whole wheat bread every week at the store. You can then tell him that from now on you'll make sure that sandwich fixings are in the house should he not like your meals, but you'd appreciate if he didn't spend money on fast food (and the gas to get there) after you and your daughter have prepared a meal. Or, just don't tell him what it is. Make everything seperate, salsa in a bowl, chicken in a bolw, shells on a plate, etc., and next time, when he asks what's for dinner, just say, "chicken" and haveh im fix his own plate. You can't make him change, he has to want to change.

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8/7/12 11:28 A

My husband is fairly supportive, but also EXTREMELY picky (although he says he's not). I run the menu I plan past him before I go grocery shopping.. But last night was a good example of what he usually does. My daughter and I fixed Lime Chicken Tacos with Mango was a new dish for all of us, my daughter and I were excited to try it. As soon as my husband heard salsa...let alone mango, he refused to even try just the chicken and went to McDonalds bringing back a Big Mac meal. This is very frustrating because heart disease runs in his family (his father and grandfather died from it) and so does diabetes (his mother had it). I'm trying to make us all healthier but I feel like I'm being sabotaged when he does things like that. He won't even TRY some of the things I've fixed. What do I do?

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