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4/27/12 4:04 P

I agree, the best exercises are the ones you like to do and that you will continue doing. Once you get past that stage, then you can add the ones you hate. LOL First thing though is your nutrition, get it right and the rest is just the icing on the cake. Keep the faith

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4/27/12 3:43 P

There really isn't a "best" exercise "for calorie burning". Almost all cardio is virtually identical.

Simply do whatever it is that you enjoy - you'll still be doing it six weeks later! That's the best burn!

You don't indicate your size or gender, so as a generalised guide you could expect to burn around 6-12 calories per minute depending on the intensity. So if you do a high intensity thing like running, depending on your weight it could take 35-45 minutes to burn your 500 calories.

If that burn is your goal it doesn't really matter for your body whether you do that with 40 minutes of running or 60 minutes on an elliptical. If you have the time just do the activity you like most, until it burns 500 cals.

But please, you have to add strength training to your day, and that's impossible to determine burn from. If you want to add it additionally that is okay, or you could alternate a 500-burn cardio day with a good ST routine day.

You'll get 80% of your results from watching what you eat, another 15% from doing strength training, and your cardio will generate about 5% of your weightloss success. So don't focus too much on the cardio! It's just not that big a deal.

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4/27/12 3:27 P

the right workouts are the ones that you like and keep on doing. I do cardio it is good for the heart and lungs. Strength training is good for the joints and muscles. And I love lifting weights. I think the best cardio is walking or running.

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4/27/12 3:21 P

Yes:) I meant 500 calories a day:):) Funny.....I should reread my post before sending! Thanks for the information....

4/27/12 3:13 P

I assume you mean 500 calories a day. I would do strength training and cardio on alternate days. Any vigorous cardio (elliptical, running, cycling, etc). For strength training, do a full-body workout, like the one on my SparkPage. Arm exercise don't target arm fat, if that's what you're trying to do. Google "spot reduction myth" for an explanation.

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4/27/12 2:41 P

Just wondering....i am looking to burn 500 calories a week if possible:) What are the best workouts for this? I know they say do something different everyday to keep your muscles guessing........(?) I am also looking for an good exercise for the arms.....I would like to do some toning there.....It would be great to get some different ideas that have seemed to have helped others.....No physical limitations...

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