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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,139
3/14/12 7:24 P

Although they seem weird and a big waste of money, those "barefoot" shoes with the toes that VIBRAM make is what my son purchased to wear at the gym when he works out and he loves them. I like New Balance regular gym shoes.

TOWHEE Posts: 6,079
3/14/12 12:34 A

Shoes are a very personal thing. I like shoes with a wide toebox, but I guess most people don't because they are very hard to find. My suggestion is to go to a reputable athletic shoe store and get your feet fitted. Bring the socks you plan to wear along with your current workout/walking/running/athletic shoes with you so that the salesperson can see how you walk (they'll have you walk around to confirm). They should measure your foot, give you several pairs to try on, and then let you walk around the store in them.
I've been wearing Brooks for several years. Prior to that I was wearing Ryka, but I also like New Balance.
I walk regularly outdoors and jog once a week.

3/13/12 7:55 P

I would tell you what shoes I wear but I'm not sure how helpful that would be. I *can* tell you that BEFORE I bought my current shoes, I went to the shoe store 3x, put on a pair, and walked all over the store for 10 mins at least.

Overall, you need a good fit and you also need to be aware of whether you walk straight, or if you're a pronator or suppinator (how you're feet move when you walk/run).

The 2 brands that have worked best for me are New Balance and K-Swiss but as for the specific models w/in those brands, it's really an individual thing.

My activities are walking /bicycling /golf driving range /treadmill.

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3/13/12 7:03 P

I would also like to know the best type of shoe to workout in. Any advice would help.

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3/13/12 7:00 P

What do you do with your old ones also?

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