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NOODLETOFU SparkPoints: (6,651)
Fitness Minutes: (4,986)
Posts: 46
3/31/12 5:10 A

Crystal light pure

OLDOLGA Posts: 191
3/31/12 3:30 A

one cup of coffee in the morning and water for the rest of the day

IVLYGA70 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 14
3/31/12 2:46 A

I hate to admit that I am a Texas Sweet Tea NUT! LOVE IT!!! Can't get enough of it. And yes it is one of my many downfalls.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/30/12 11:31 P

Nothing.. I think black tea, or coffee would be okay, but I don't like them. I freeze my water, and drink it as it melts. That way it is cold, and I drink it 1-2 ozs at a time. I end up drink =ing 15 glasses a day, evenly spaced.

PURPLEPINKPANTS SparkPoints: (29,282)
Fitness Minutes: (6,406)
Posts: 1,400
3/30/12 11:04 P

Water water water

3/30/12 7:15 P

Mostly water. Coffee in the morning. I just purchased a pretty expensive masticating juicer, so I am able to have my absolute favorite juice in the morning, afternoon and night: carrot, beet, apple and spinach. It is soooo good. I love it. Also, the vegetable juice, because it digests so slowly, does great to kill the appetite. I've also gone gluten free and feel so great since the change in diet. I found out that I am gluten intolerant.

Also, since I've gone on this gluten free diet I've found that anything that is baked is entirely too sweet anymore. I no longer crave baked or fast foods.

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ERH12275 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,415)
Posts: 294
3/30/12 6:13 P

Iced tea with just water and ice.

3/30/12 5:23 P

Water, coffee, tea, and organic juice sometimes depending how I did with the calories and everything else that day.

3/30/12 3:30 P

Water, coffee or tea with Splenda, and Mio Energy when I need a boost on the road :)

PINKFLY787 Posts: 136
3/30/12 3:29 P

The majority of what I drink is plain water. I put almond milk in my smoothies though, but might switch to plain water next week. Looking to start drinking green tea, too! :)

FIT-HEALTHY1 Posts: 551
3/30/12 2:30 P

coffee, water, unsweet tea, water, water, water LOL

3/30/12 9:15 A

coffee in the am then water

CJEANINE82 Posts: 160
3/30/12 9:02 A

In the morning during the work week i get my caffeine boost with black tea. I add 1/4 cup of milk, teaspoons sugar, and 1 packet of splenda to this, because that's how I like my tea. The rest of the day it's mostly my 32 ounce water bottle with a packet of propel zero or a splash of Mio. I try to get in 2 of those.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
3/30/12 3:08 A

In the morning I have a coffee (small soy, caramel latte, 150cal) which is part of my breakfast, since I'm not big on food in the morning. The rest of the day I have water. With my dinner I like to have a diet ginger beer (25cal) or a small glass of juice (very rare).

PERSEPHONE82 Posts: 261
3/29/12 8:22 P

1.5 cups black coffee every morning. Usually after that I switch to tea (either green or black w/ spices depending on mood) but sometimes I have a second cup of coffee.

Sometimes I have a diet soda in the afternoon, but I have cut way back on artificially sweetened beverages so I have soda just a few times a week (instead of 2-3 cans a day).

Most days I have an adult beverage when I get home, usually wine but scotch if it's been a REALLY long day :)

Two 32 oz. containers of water throughout the day mixed in as well.

3/29/12 6:35 P

2-3 cups of (swiss water processed) decaf, unsweetened herbal tea (caffeine free), and 1/2-1c unsweetened organic soy milk each day

TSINCLAIR1965 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,782)
Posts: 452
3/29/12 6:29 P

95% of the time it's water. I also drink black iced tea with lemon & stevia and Crystal Light has a product called Crystal Light Pure made with truvia and natural sugar. I use the lemonade flavor to my bottle of water.

ELENGIL Posts: 957
3/29/12 6:16 P

Water, green or herbal tea, almond milk, and the very occasional alcoholic drink (maybe once or twice a month.)

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
3/29/12 5:53 P

water only. we are not pop or tea drinkers.

KBTYLER Posts: 119
3/28/12 10:23 P

water and unsweet tea

MADEMCHE SparkPoints: (83,278)
Fitness Minutes: (121,327)
Posts: 1,555
3/28/12 10:21 P

Water. Green, white and herbal tea. Usually unsweetened, sometimes with a little milk or soy. And if I am feeling super daring a little agave nectar. Red wine now and then.

800INTHEGHETTO Posts: 18
3/28/12 10:17 P

Other than water, I drink unsweetened tea -- more because back home tea is drunk with just a splash of milk and no sugar than because I don't like my tea sweetened -- and 1% milk. And, of course, the occasional beer or cocktail!

TAZCOCO72 Posts: 5
3/28/12 10:13 P

I drink so much water I pee like a!
Thanks for the tip about what you drink! emoticon

AFCANTRELL SparkPoints: (28,462)
Fitness Minutes: (15,404)
Posts: 801
3/28/12 9:59 P

I've adopted drinking green tea. Lipton makes powder packs in different flavors that you add to a bottle of water. I also make my own green tea and sweeten it with Stevia, Truvia, honey, lemon juice, or a combination.

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (227,478)
Fitness Minutes: (85,494)
Posts: 7,172
3/28/12 9:50 P

Coffee in the morning, and water throughout the day. SuperTarget has some very nice flavored waters and flavored sparkling waters (if you need the carbonation fix) for zero calories.

Try sweetening your iced tea with Splenda. You're doing great cutting out work on getting more water in.

TAZCOCO72 Posts: 5
3/28/12 8:59 P

So I've made it my goal to cut out soda, which I'm happy to say, I haven't had one since Feb. 21 (I to check...)...yes, I have been tempted at times..... I have to admit though, I can't give up my sweet tea, cut back, yes...but not totally give up...;-)

but my question is, what do you drink besides water?

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