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2/19/13 3:57 P

ahhh - the nausea. When I first cut back calories I only had to cut back 250 -450 cal's. I found that I was getting very nauseous and having strong hunger pains. I was even being woken during the night because of it. I also was quite light-headed ..... AND I was eating a very healthy and balanced diet. I went back up to my original calories (1650-1850) and then gradually dropped back down in small increments. That fixed the problem. I'm glad that you had something to eat in the end :-)


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2/19/13 1:48 P

Thank you all very much!

I do have hobbies and I did end up doing some crocheting.

I appreciate the advice on protein. I wasn't really hungry last night and I still had quite a few calories left. I did eat a fruit cup before bed because as soon as I layed down I got really nauseous. That helped a lot.

I do need to start reading more. I love reading and I'm not sure why I even stopped.

I'm trying to take babysteps. Its just I get so excited that sometimes my babysteps are really big steps.

Once again thank you all for helping me.

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2/19/13 12:21 P


How about reading a book ? I find a good book keeps my mind busy. If you don't want to read a book, do you have any hobbies ? knitting, sewing, painting, drawing, writing a blog, stamp collecting, scrap booking... are all great things you can do to keep you away from the kitchen. When your mind and fingers are busy, you won't think about food.

Also, you could go to bed a bit earlier than 10-11pm if nothing is going on in particular.


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2/19/13 10:55 A

Did your "great day" include enough calories to support your body and activities and meet your nutritional needs? You really can't trick your body into consuming substantially less than it needs.

Why do you think you can't have a healthy snack? There is no magic time cutoff. Your body does not know what time it is. Calories eaten at 9 a.m. will process the same as those consumed at 9 p.m. if it is within your allotment for the day.

If you are truly hungry, eat a balanced snack of some protein and carbs. If this happens regularly, plan your calories accordingly so a late snack is part of the day's plan. I find if I go to bed hungry, I don't sleep well and have been known to wake up and grab something anyway. And the poor sleep certainly doesn't make the next day any easier.

My new strategy is to have a protein powder and fruit smoothie before bed. If you freeze the fruit first, you get a real creamy texture, especially with bananas. Avoid the commercial ones that are loaded with added sugar. This is about 200 or 250 calories, depending on the fruit. The protein keeps me feeling full throught the night and studies have shown that the extra protein is helpful with muscle repair while you sleep.

Eating right shouldn't be about being hungry or deprivation. Listen to your body and find strategies that work for you.

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2/19/13 5:22 A

IF your plan is to eat nothing at all between when you wrote your post and going to bed, you may find that you need a healthy snack. You are only new to this lifestyle journey, and baby steps is strongly recommended. IF you are hungry (as opposed to just wanting to munch) then eat something. Otherwise reading the articles on SP and surfing the posts in various teams may help your evening go so fast you wonder where it went.

Good luck,

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2/19/13 1:18 A

Go for a walk?
Make a big pot of tea.
Read a book.
Surf around the Spark forums and articles :)

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2/18/13 10:47 P

I am sitting here, in my living room, right next to the kitchen, looking at the clock. It says 6:45 pm.
I don't go to bed till 10 to 11 pm. I have too many hours left and I really don't want to mess up my great day. I'm not sure what I should do. I can not workout because unfortunetly I pulled something in my back this afternoon. So, I'm already feel discouraged now my enemy time is here and I feel too much bordem and frustration to not go into that fridge.......

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