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MAIDMARION_346 Posts: 1
11/22/12 9:16 A

Did you happen to ever find a fix for your email problem with sparkpeople and Apple Mail? we just got an iMac and the mail app has the exact issue you described in this forum topic.

SHOES17 Posts: 3,451
5/31/12 7:56 A

Thanks The stretches today were Wonderful! It felt so good! emoticon

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,547
5/30/12 10:57 P

Those are still being sent out, but they are weekly emails, not daily.

Coach Denise

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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Posts: 4,388
5/30/12 12:05 P

I never get these, although I am signed up for them: Spark People community highlight and Sparkpeople's Healthy heart newsletter. How often are they sent out?

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,547
5/19/12 3:06 P

You may need to check to see if the "never email me" box has been checked. If that is checked, then your email provider has been returning our emails. With AOL, they do that somewhat often as they limit the number of emails that come in from someone in a certain time period. If you uncheck that box and then save your settings on that page, you should be able to check the exercise of the day box and save your settings again. But if you notice that the emails stop coming in, then you may need to try using a different email provider for your SparkPeople emails.

Coach Denise

SHOES17 Posts: 3,451
5/19/12 2:57 P

I have tried a couple times to sign up for the exercise of the day. I see the check box but it won't let me mark it. Any suggestions? I use Aol email Thanks

LYONNESSE Posts: 972
5/18/12 1:24 P

It's happened again today, so I dug around some more. In my Apple mail client there is the option to view the raw source (under View, Message). The raw source shows the code for the entire email, and I was even able to find the code for clicking the box to claim points. I copied and posted this code into my browser and it behaved as if I'd clicked the link.

Here's my latest theory. I have an Apple Mac and an iPhone. I use iCloud to synchronise between the two. At the weekend I rarely download email onto my phone. During the week I often check my mail on my phone while at work. So I'm thinking that iCloud is the issue.

I'm going to experiment with this some more - maybe find out if you need to open the mail to cause the problem or merely download it.

LYONNESSE Posts: 972
5/15/12 5:32 P

It was OK over the weekend, then Monday's email wouldn't display. Today it was fine again. I'm thinking maybe there is something embedded in some of the mails that Apple's mail client doesn't like. It's odd that the iphone can display it though. Also, Apple macs aren't that rare so I would have thought other folks were reporting it.

Thanks for following it up, anyway

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,547
5/15/12 10:06 A

I subscribed to that email for the last few days and haven't had any trouble with it at all. Are you able to try and view your emails in a different program to see if that makes a difference for you?

Coach Denise

LYONNESSE Posts: 972
5/10/12 3:26 P

Apple's own mail client for Mac

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,547
5/10/12 3:25 P

What email program do you use to view your emails?

Coach Denise

LYONNESSE Posts: 972
5/10/12 3:23 P

I can view it on the internet but the message I am getting in my email is:

Thanks for choosing SparkPeople! Please enable HTML to see this message.

You received this email because you signed up for one of SparkPeople's email newsletters. To unsubscribe please click the link below or send a letter or postcard with your email address to:, 4392 Marburg, Cincinnati, OH 45209

As I said, HTML is enabled and works for all the other messages, so something has changed in the content of all these messages that is affecting my email client. Also, the weekly newsletters don't contain a link for me to view them on my email preference pages

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,547
5/10/12 3:17 P

Have you tried viewing it from your email preferences page? If not, will you try to view it there to see if that makes a difference for you?

Coach Denise

LYONNESSE Posts: 972
5/10/12 3:11 P

No that's not it. As I said, I get several other emails each day, though I notice there has been further degradation today.

The email notifying me of your reply is fine, as is Best of Spark People, SparkPeople recipe, Spark People community highlight and Sparkpeople's Healthy heart newsletter. Living with diabetes news letter does not work and neither does Sparkpeople: Getting over your GERD. Sparkpeople Exercise of the Day is still out of order.

This has only started happening this week and it's getting worse by the day. I can see them on my iphone, but when I click through from them I have to log in. The log in screen doesn't work on iphone because an advert obliterates the password box, so it's getting a bit difficult.

Is there a place where we can report technical faults?

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,547
5/9/12 6:55 P

Did you happen to turn off images for our emails?

Coach Denise

LYONNESSE Posts: 972
5/9/12 1:03 P

I've been getting the Exercise of the Day email for ages, along with others, but this week it no longer displays on my Mac. The message contains nothing except an instruction to turn on HTML and a link to unsubscribe. I have to use my iphone to see the content and if I want a point for reading it I have to log in again because I'm using a different machine.

Am I alone with this bug?

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