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6/7/12 7:45 P

More thanks for all the great advice! I did discuss the weight gain with the trainer last night, and she agrees that I need to up my calories in relation to the number of calories I'm burning nightly working out. Said our bodies are very efficient at guarding against starvation, so even though it seems like I'm eating plenty of healthy stuff, there's just not enough calorie support, So, I packed a bigger lunch with an extra snack, and am getting ready for a good dinner. Dinner's actually been my smallest meal lately, so ramping it up a bit. It's great to hear all your weight loss stories, thanks for sharing!

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6/7/12 3:35 P

Exactly! The right combinations of food and exercise are essential for weight loss.. in fact the same thing happened to me..i gained weight while eating low calories and exercising..i reassessed my nutritional and physical programs and realized i wasn't drinking enough water or eating enough protein...i talked with a nutritionist and she help me develop a great calorie intake and physical fitness plan...maybe your Dr. or nutritionist can help you too...

KTISFOCUSED Posts: 1,492
6/7/12 6:52 A

I think what Mimosa said about the water retention is right. Whenever I exercise, especially when i first start, I gain weight and then don't lose very well but I tone up and lose inches. I do think you aren't eating enough and that is what I am always told too. It does seem when I up my calories a little, that is when I lose. This losing weight thing is such a trial and error process but remember everything you are doing is learning new habits that will help you in your quest to stay thin and isn't that what it's really about? This isn't a quick fix. I want to finish this job and then learn to stay at my weight. It's taken me 2 1/2 years to get my weight off but I don't believe I'll ever be overweight again because I have made good eating and plenty of exercise part of my life.

So let's quit letting that scale drive us nuts and know if we're eating/exercising right, we ARE getting there!

JULES7213 SparkPoints: (5,283)
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6/6/12 5:54 P

Thank you for all the replies! It hadn't occurred to me that I might not be eating enough(that would be a first, lol) That makes sense, since I'm burning between 500-650 calories a night on the treadmill at the gym. I packed a little more food for work today, since I've noticed I've been more hungry in the afternoon the last week or so. I just figured my body would draw on its fat stores, since it has plenty, haha. I appreciate all the advice and encouragement, and will increase the calorie intake a bit more and see what happens.

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6/6/12 12:05 P

From what I heard of my dietician, when you exercise your muscles go into healing mode and they retain lots of water. So when you weigh yourself after an exercise (within 24 hours) you weigh heavier.

So dont panic. It is probably normal and will go away soon :)

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6/6/12 11:17 A

Have you been measuring yourself? You could still be losing inches.

EVLOBOS310 Posts: 1,695
6/6/12 7:55 A

I agree with Cheetara79, it sounds like you need more calorie intake. Even without all that activity, you should still be following the SP guidelines for calories. 1200-1400 calories for someone looking to lose over 100 lbs is just not enough! Adding in all the calories you are burning, your body may be in starvation mode.

Also, I like to look at my measurements as well as the number on the scale. Sometimes you'll see big changes in inches, but little in weight. It's all a great feeling though!

Good luck!

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,943
6/6/12 7:10 A

Are you sure you're eating enough? It looks like you're trying to lose about 100 pounds more. And you're exercising a lot. Your body just might need more fuel for that much activity.

JULES7213 SparkPoints: (5,283)
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6/6/12 3:13 A

Thank you for your reply. I actually do not eat out at all right now, and no candy or unhealthy snacks. I pack my lunch every day, and do not salt/sugar my food. Calories are typically between 1200-1400 daily. I mix up my fruits and veggies every few days so I'm not eating the same exact thing every single day.

Well, I do the official weigh in tonight w the trainer, so I'll see where I'm at. I did find another thread on here that provided some explanation to a similar question, as to changes going on in the body when you add exercise that can trigger weight gain temporarily, so that makes me feel better, too.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,685
6/5/12 10:12 P

I guarantee you that you did NOT put on 4 pounds of muscle in two weeks.

You say nothing about your calorie intake,
You cannot out-train a bad diet.... and weight loss is 80% nutrition.

I am sodium sensitive, and can gain 4 pounds just by eating out. That could be a reason.

JULES7213 SparkPoints: (5,283)
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6/5/12 8:36 P

Hi! I started my weight loss program back in February half-heartedly, got off track til mid-April, and have been hard-core ever since. Eliminated diet pop, drinking lots of water, skim milk, eating fruits, veggies, lean meats, etc. I have been rewarded with a 31 pound loss so far, which I'm really happy about.
I have been back at the YMCA since April doing water aerobics,and just started working w a trainer there Y two weeks ago. I have been to the gym nearly every day since, doing treadmill daily and weight machines every other day. Weight was continuing to drop, but since Sunday, I have steadily weighed 4 pounds more than my weigh in on Saturday.
I find it hard to believe that I would have gained 4 pounds of muscle in two weeks, and yet, as good as my eating habits have changed, I can't see what else would be causing this increase. No other physical reasons to be retaining water. It's just kind of disappointing. I could accept a plateau but a gain just really bums me out after all my efforts.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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