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FRUITYFUL Posts: 1,146
3/30/12 2:13 A

I used to have problems with weekends as well, but there are a few things that I did to try and break that habit. I allow myself one meal per week that is not so good. Usually I choose that meal to be pizza. I try to keep within my ranges that day, but if I don't, I try to just eat what I need to not feel hungry. There are some weekends where I don't even have that kind of meal, but I know it's there if I want it. My weigh in day is on Saturday, so that takes care of Friday night. I don't want to blow it the night before I weigh in. While I'm out and about during the day, I make sure I have an apple and a Fiber One bar in my purse. Every night I plan a dessert of some kind. It could be a Fiber One brownie or some popcorn or some dark chocolate or a Skinny Cow ice cream treat. I think the main key for me, is planning the weekend out, but having a safety net, such as the not so good meal and having the healthy snack in my purse and have the planned dessert to look forward to. Hang in there!

KDC011 Posts: 180
3/28/12 4:51 P

I used to have that problem as well. What I've done is change my day off of working out from a weekend day to a week day. This way I don't end up taking both days off cause i end up being lazy on the non-off day. Also since my whole day is free I make sure I get in a two hour workout each day. This way when I do go out or watch a movie I can enjoy some extra calories and not have to worry about it. I still plan them ahead though.. I'll look at the restuarant's menu ahead of time, figure out how many drinks I'll probably have, or bring my own treats to the movies (I like to bring an individual sized smartfood popcorn so when I smell the popcorn at the theater I don't cave and some sort of chocolate granola bar so i don't buy candy). It's been working so far :)

JAYSGIRL60 Posts: 11
3/26/12 9:15 P

Big thanks to everyone for the ideas and support!! :) I think the real issue is my lack of routine. During the week, I am at work and have a regular schedule. On the weekends, I tend to stay up later (and sleep in later!). My mealtimes are different and I am out and about. Better planning (and sticking to my normal sleep time!) might help. It's so frustrating to do well during the week...and then blow it on the weekends. It makes me feel like my hard work was for nothing!

MSGNOME Posts: 555
3/26/12 6:03 P

The weekends are actually the best times to stay on track! Use your time off work to cook healthy meals for the week or get a nice workout in.

ROSEYKAT SparkPoints: (0)
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3/26/12 5:54 P

my husband loves sweets,i have 6 kids ,its tougher 4 me to keep healthy stuff unless its something they dont trying to keep portion low,and eat better stuff,junk i make it 1ce a week portion control .....yea its very hard ....i just double my excercise routine.....when i helps me make the choice

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/26/12 11:38 A

What has helped me beat my weekend meltdowns for the most part is changing how I'm thinking about food in general. I'm not dieting, so I don't have "cheat days." I don't have days where I plan to screw up my efforts!

I treat every bit of food the same. I look at it and track the calories, enter it here, and focus on making the RIGHT decisions.

My relationship with food has changed; a lot of time, I turn things down just because I don't want to try and give up something else I enjoy more because I've blown my calorie range on crap. Case in point:

Last night we joined my family for my grandmother's 85th birthday. I can always count on my aunt to provide healthy options; she's a bit of a health nut too. ;) But there's always something for everyone else, so it's a lot of temptation.

I skipped the barbecue and chips, and opted for the cool asian salad she made, veggies, etc. And had a double helping of pimento cheese on wheat. :)

On the way, we had Zaxby's chicken fingers. I relished my chicken, but skipped the fries... not because I"m a low-carb eater, but because I don't care all THAT much for fries, and I wanted to save my calories for later.

You need to figure out what it is during the week that helps you stay on track. Is it the routine? Planning? What you have access to? Try to replicate that on the weekend.

Keep yourself accountable, too. Don't stop coming here to SP because you're not bored at work... check in to log your food, and keep in mind that you're going to have to account for every single bite!

Watch the mindless eating... if you do watch movies with the family, don't pour yourself a huge bowl of popcorn and shove it in your mouth without thinking about it, pour a SMALL one, and take one piece at a time, taking a moment to enjoy the flavor. You'll enjoy it more, eat more slowly, and STOP when you finish your serving. When you get into the late night scariness... try and go to bed. I know, I know, you have to go to bed early every other night... but getting off our sleep schedules isn't good for our minds OR our bodies.

SEALPOINT621 Posts: 9
3/26/12 11:24 A

So glad to see this forum! I fell off the wagon as well this weekend and today I'm feeling a little down. I find that when I track my calories and stay within limits I feel alot more confident. Could it be that weekends are easy to blow because we have worked all week and feel we should be rewarded? Food rewards are something I know I've do you break that cycle of thinking?

DALLASGIRL99 SparkPoints: (4,075)
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3/26/12 9:09 A

Its nice to know that everyone has the same struggles on the weekends. I always start off the weekend good -- with the motivation that I'm going to exercise and eat right over the weekend and come out ahead on Monday. But its so hard to do that. If we go out, I want to order fattening food and have a few drinks. If we stay home, I find myself in the kitchen looking for snacks even when I'm not hungry. I feel like I can't win!

3/26/12 8:50 A

I too am struggling with the weekends. I was just reviewing my food journals over the past month and I seem to just let loose.
Not sure why I can't stay motivated to succeed. I notice I eat a lot more in the evenings on the weekends, maybe because I am staying up later and because my little girl and I watch movies.

I am losing my motivating fast...any words of encouragement would be very helpful right now.

NICOLEB1977 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/26/12 8:49 A

Weekends can be difficult because you are not on your normal routine. But make sure you stay on track and save your cheat day for the weekend. One day not two emoticon

You only have 10 lbs to go so your are on the right track. Good luck!!

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
3/26/12 8:38 A

I also struggle with the weekends. My main problem also seems to be a lack of routine, but also I don't necessarily want the same exact type of routine on the weekends that I have during the week.

In good weather it's easier because I can do some kind of outdoor activity, but I still forget to eat at the right times and then overeat later.

It has helped to make sure my breakfasts on the weekend are very well-balanced, and to focus on getting exercise or activity in on each day.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
3/25/12 10:25 P

Can you identify where your problem is? Are you eating out at restaurants on weekends? Are you eating a bunch of junky snacks at home? Are you eating perfectly good food at home, but just way too much of it?

I'm sure a lot of us have trouble with weekends. It's our time to relax and hang out with friends, which usually means beer and fried foods and staring at a tv for hours with a pizza in front of us. Just remember you don't have to be perfect - if you try to avoid it all, you'll make yourself crazy. You're going out with friends? Plan in your calorie calculator for a beer and a slice of pizza. Or offer to bring a dish that you can really dig in to. Do your grocery shopping before the weekend so you aren't stuck thinking "I'm hungry, I'll just get something fast", and so that you have healthy options in easy reach.

Think of the success you've had so far - you're at the last ten pounds! You've been doing it right, if you keep going you can do it!

HEALTHYLIFE92 Posts: 148
3/25/12 10:15 P

I have the same exact problem as you are having! I slack off on the weekends and it really does ruin all the hard work I put in during the week! One thing I have noticed, is the lack of structure I have on the weekend. For example, during the week I know exactly what my schedule will be like during the day. I know that I will eat breakfast at 9, snack at 12, lunch at 2, snack at 5, dinner at 7, and snack at 10. Every single weekday, I eat at these times because it fits into my work/class schedule. However, on the weekends when I do not have work or class commitments, my eating goes haywire. It's as if my body is confused since I do not have the same structure and I am not eating at the same times as I would during the week. The best advice I have for this problem is to still eat at the same times you would during the week. Try to keep up the same structure you have during the week. I'm still trying to fix my weekend slackness, but we can do it!!

JAYSGIRL60 Posts: 11
3/25/12 9:47 P

Every week I eat healthy, exercise and stay on track. Then...the weekend comes and the wheels fall off. I start every weekend with the best intentions of maintaining my healthy eating/exercise program...but it seems that I rarely succeed!! I believe the weekend meltdown is the obstacle preventing me from losing those last ten pounds!! Any advice or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

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