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Sara Snow

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If you get the new Cooking Channel there are some shows that will help. If not, just pick and choose like the rest of us--looking for something yummy but healthy. Also, look over the Food Network website. There are lots of healthy recipes. There is a very good website called Eating Well that has some get things for you to try. Hope this helps hjr emoticon

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I love cooking shows. Unfortunately my favorites are Paula Dean & Barefoot Contessa. Not really the best for "diet" cooking. I'm searching for new cooking shows that maybe more diet friendly. Any suggestions welcomed! emoticon

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4/6/11 6:11 P

I love cooking shows. I find that I learn a lot about how to cook healthier and cheaper. Emeril's Fresh Food Fast has made me buy fresh and cook more often. Jamie Oliver"s has taught me about cooking vegetables. Which ones do you like and find that you learn from? emoticon emoticon emoticon

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