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6/24/11 1:42 P

I didn't run yesterday. I had a Quilt Meeting that I went to, instead. But the good news is, I ate a sensible supper. I am feeling like I should go run tonight after work, but not sure I can as it's FNDN (Friday Night Date Night) with my best friend husband....

a 5k Race tomorrow moring. I don't have to cross the finish line first to win. I just have to finish and I plan to FINISH STRONG (for me). emoticon

6/22/11 9:01 A

I love running! I started out by walking as I could not run and hated exercise, but loved walking. But the more I walked the more I wanted to challenge myself. My first time on a treadmill I lasted 10 minutes at a pace of 3.0 ... that's just a brisk walk! But in January I started training for a Marathon (yes, a Marathon) and ran the Marathon on 1 May and FINISHED it in 5 hours and 40 minutes! Since then, I have slacked off on the running and want to get back into it again, so I am with you!

I recently read that whether you walk one mile or run one mile, you still burn the same calories... it just takes you longer! So, don't despair over the short jog. It's BETTER than nothing! I am proud of you and I know that once you find you can run/walk at least a mile, you will want to go further! Check out Jeff Galloway's run/walk method and you will be encouraged even more.

Tonight I plan to jog (run/walk) 3 miles with some friends after work. I will pray that you get out there too!

6/21/11 10:03 P

I am a little embarrassed to be seen running, so I waited until about 9:30 tonight to give it a try. I also brought my two dogs to keep me company... I am very proud of my self, I started by walking to my corner (approx 10 houses...) and jogged back down. I did have to stop and walk a little, but I walked to the other corner and then jogged back to where I started walking... Sounds kind of confusing as I try to explain- but overall- i was able to jog one time the length of my street. Doesn't sound like much but about 6 months ago, I had tried to do the same thing and I did not even make it halfway. I am anxious to try again tomorrow!

6/21/11 9:59 P

One of my goals is to start running. I am far from a runner- and always have been. I always said that the only time you will see me run is if someone is chasing me- and even then I most likely will let them catch me... But... I have been working hard the past few weeks, and I watch some of those weight loss shows and my goodness- if they can do it- so can I.
Here is the challenge: RUN WITH ME!!!! Let all of us join your journey too!!

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