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Creating a regular pattern and sticking with it will quickly get a 3 year old going to bed at the right time. If you fail at this, you have many more years ahead of you that you will continue to pay for this lack of order.

We stuck to it and even when our kids got to college, they understood how important sleep is. So the short struggle to get them on target when babies totally paid off over the next 20+ years. I have many friends that did NOT do it right and all I heard for the last 20+ years are complaints.

Now, whether or not it is due to kids or whatever, many of us for many reasons find that we need more energy to get through our workouts. I do take a half dose of pre workout powder and it has really helped me be more energetic, focused and awake. I do take a real good one that does NOT depend on massive doses of caffeine. So far I have been pleased with it. I tried some of my son's stuff he used to use and it kept me wired all day and I had trouble going to sleep. So like everything out there, what works for one, may not work for another. Keep the faith.

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Put him in bed at a reasonable hour. My 3 year old gets put in bed. Daddy has to give more kisses. Then I have to give more kisses. Then she needs some sips. Then she makes something up. Then I let her go unless she's screaming at the top of her lungs. I'd suggest trying that. We start the bedtime routine around 8 most nights, and, some nights she's still up chatting at 9, but she's at least in bed, not screaming, and I can go to sleep. ;)

If something like that won't work, is there a reason that this is solely your responsibility? Can't your husband alternate nights with you? At least then you could go to an every other day work out, if you really feel you're not getting enough sleep, or you'll at least have half the days with a decent amount of sleep.

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I drink a lot of coffee and pretend I don't hear my son if he screams before 6 am and let my husband deal with it.

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8/29/12 10:31 P

My husband and I started working out almost two months ago and are starting to see great results. We have to wake up and start working out no later than 5:30 am in order to get the workout and morning routine in before we go to work. The new problem is our three year old. He has decided that sleep is no longer a priority in his life and subsequently we (or I) am not getting to sleep until laaaaaaaate at night. This is a recent development in his sleep behavior and until we get through this phase, it's getting more and more difficult to get up in time for the workout. This is truly the only time we have to get our workout in due to our busy schedules. I've moved my alarm clock to the other side of the room so I have to get up to hit it, but then I just lay down again. Any tips for getting through sleep deprivation while maintaining the workout routine?

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