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8/29/12 8:46 A

Thanks Radazzle

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8/23/12 12:42 A

emoticon We're so hard on ourselves sometimes, aren't we?! emoticon

What you're going through is so normal. It's why most of us are here on SparkPeople. If it were easy to keep ourselves motivated, there would be no need for sites like this! You need to accept that you're human. That doesn't mean that you just continue deviating from your plan, but it does mean forgiving yourself and moving on.

One of the things I've found very important is to really examine what I want and why. Writing down, and revisiting often, lists of what I want (not just weight or health-related), why I want the things I want, the specific benefits of reaching my goals, and other such lists, help me to focus myself and re-affirm my commitment to my dreams and myself. I suggest you make your own lists (I know The Spark book has assignments that help you examine such things - it, and the book "Full-Filled" by Renee Stephens, can really help boost your ability to stick to your guns!

Make yourself a priority. Don't let yourself forget that you want to be healthy and happy. Remind yourself that, especially when it comes to eating, you have a choice. Remember: Don't trade what you want most for what you want at the moment. That mantra has pulled me through many times!

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8/22/12 8:35 P

Ok, I just need to let off a little steam, I guess it's been a rough week. I am only two weeks into this, I did fantastic week one, lost 8 lbs, loving the food and exercise, really loving the results and the community. Now here I am 4 days into week 2 and I can already see myself slipping into my old habit of starting to slack, why can't I stick with anything long term?? I have had a rough week, but I am trying to push through it, I am still tracking all my food and making sure I get some form of exercise in, even if it is just a 20 minute walk. Today I felt like I totally derailed on my eating, I had pizza and garlic knots for lunch, ate two, TWO!! donuts, had a beer with dinner, and in general was kicking myself for eating like this. Then I look at my food tracker and find that I am actually right in the middle for all my nutrition areas. Well that shocked me, but then when I look back at last week, there were many days that I didn't even consume the minimum calories for the day. So I guess I need to stop beating myself up about it, look at it the right way and move on. I am within my range, and I need to just keep myself on track with keeping track every day. emoticon

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