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3/20/07 8:47 A

I can TOTALLY understand the frustration... when I became vegetarian (I am now vegan) I did it for ethical reasons, to me, it is not ethical to eat fish and I'm not fond of people who still eat animal flesh being lumped in with vegetarians who aren't eating animal flesh...

But that's me, and I'm a cranky girl!

OKANOG Posts: 7,117
3/20/07 4:55 A

I had a hard enough time trying understand vegetarians let alone all the sub-catagories there are today.

I only looked it up in the encyclopedia for curiosty sake and I discovered I fall under the Pesco version of vegetarian. I didn't know that till tonight! emoticon

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3/20/07 3:11 A

Thanks for that - hadn't realised that there was an 'official' stand on that. I stand corrected & my apologies go to Chefchip.

However, in the only discussions I've seen on Vegetarian forums on other sites on the Internet, vegetarians tend to only be those who eat no living creatures & they usually object, like me, to being lumped in with 'pesco vegetarians'. emoticon

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3/20/07 2:55 A

According to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia:
"Pesco/pollo vegetarianism", "pescetarianism", "pollotariansm" or "semi-vegetarianism" are neologisms denoting certain dietary choices.

Most commonly, these include the practice of NOT eating certain types of meat (most commonly mammalian meat such as beef, pork, and lamb) while ALLOWING other meats, such as seafood.

As with lacto-ovo vegetarianism, there are usually no restrictions on non-flesh animal products such as dairy and eggs.

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3/19/07 6:59 P

Thanks Dave. Finally got there!!!

Great. emoticon

DJHEILMANN Posts: 3,395
3/19/07 12:59 P

On SparkRecipes go to the Browse Recipes tab, then click Vegetarian or Vegan in the Dietary Needs section down the page a bit.

3/19/07 12:54 P


Could you please explain how the Browse page works as I've hit Vegetarian on the Browse option & still get fish recipes in there. I've also gone in from the bottom of the Recipes page where it gives Vegetarian as an option, but the fish recipes still come up there too.

What am I doing wrong?

3/19/07 12:44 P

I'm with you all the way on this one GIRLTREKKIE - it really irks me too, & I wish SP would separate them.

And I believe the people who eat fish but not other forms of meat are called pescotarians, but I've never heard them called "pesco-vegetarians" because vegetarians don't eat animals & fish are animals.

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3/17/07 6:58 P

actually there are vegetarians that eat fish and fish based products. They are called pesco-vegetarians.

They are lumped in with vegetarians because many nutritionists believe that because they are not red blooded (heavy iron) they do not represent true animal protein.

I ABSOLUTELY HATE fish also!!! I grew up on the ocean, we had a lobster boat, clamed, crabbed, and fished for all of our own fresh fish, but I cannot tolerate the metallic taste of fish, whether it is fresh water or salt water borne.

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3/14/07 1:56 P

I tried it that way! Thanks! That is great. emoticon

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3/14/07 1:53 P


If you look on the Browse Recipes page you can browse by Vegetarian and Vegan recipes. Thanks for writing!

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3/14/07 1:45 P

Okay, this might seem silly, but it bugs me that the Vegetarian recipes are lumped in with fish. I've never eaten fish, have no desire to eat fish and cannot understand why fish is in the same category as vegetarian dishes on the recipes part of the site. I just had to share! emoticon

Yes, there are many different sorts of vegetarians. Those who eat diary, those who eat eggs and those who choose not to use any animal products at all. But there are no vegetarians that eat fish. I realize that some people still like to call themselves vegetarian when they eat fish...but they aren't.

Okay...I'm done venting. Any ideas about why they set up the recipe site like that?

Girltrekkie emoticon

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