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11/15/12 10:17 A

Minestrone Soup:
With the minestrone, you don't need the exact veggies. You can pretty much add anything you want.

Black Bean Burgers

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
11/14/12 11:41 P

I am vegetarian so know a lot of recipes:
garbanzo bean salad with feta and lots of mint is great (Jamie Oliver has an online recipe for one version)
Red lentil (dahl) curry is quick and easy to cook and delicious - especially if add a bit of coconut milk
Stir fries are great - I don't like tofu so add some nuts for protein instead
and a quick one - a pita bread with ricotta on top, a bit of mozzarella and lots of veggies (I like spinach particularly as goes crisp) and grill to make a mini pizza
brown rice with a tomato, spinach mushroom sauce and with feta cooked in (or blue cheese) is another favourite quick go to

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11/6/12 4:10 P

Nah you're not a bad cook at all! I can follow a recipe but have a hard time with just coming up with things. I'm slowly getting better, but I started by just slightly altering recipes, and then kind of making my own. You'll get there, with practice.
I second the idea of the recipe book. SP has a vegetarian book available on amazon for the kindle. I'm not sure if it's in print as well or not? It starts with going over basics, and nurtitional needs, etc, before recipes. You may find it a help. If you can't get it, I'm sure you'll find plenty at the library.

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11/6/12 3:30 P

HI SOCAL, no, I hadn't thought of getting ideas at the library, but I'm planning to go on Thursday so I will look for recipe books.
I would LOVE to be able to use Amazon like that but I live in Italy and it's not an option. Italy is crazy strict about food imports, unfortunately.

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11/6/12 3:14 P

Have you tried getting some vegetarian cookbooks from your library? Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" is huge and comprehensive, but don't be scared -- he gives some basic techniques and tips and helps you figure out how to adapt those according to what you've got in the kitchen.

Amazon's "subscribe and save" option is good for ordering grocery items you can't find in the supermarket and you can sign up for any spacing of deliveries (once a week, once a month, once every three months ... there's only so much quinoa you can eat, after all!). And you can cancel at any time.

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11/6/12 2:35 P

You know what? I think I'm just not a good cook. I mean, I can follow a recipe, but that's about it. Maybe it's imagination I'm lacking in the kitchen. I chopped up some veggies, threw in a bouillon cube and then drew a blank.

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11/6/12 2:20 P

You are most welcome! I am just now starting to branch out to the more obscure ingredients, so I know what it's like to be a little limited. I'm very glad I was able to help you out. emoticon
I love love love Thai food, so I'm excited for you to be able to make some of that soon! And as a sidenote, veggie soup doesn't have to be ininspired. There are so many veggies and combos and herbs you can use. But I understand how it can get a bit tiring at times!!

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11/6/12 2:12 P

And the veggie pizza sounds great too. I've got some Kamut flour I've been wanting to use.

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11/6/12 2:09 P

Lauraat you rock! Thanks so much! I ended up making an uninspired veggie soup but your recipes sound much better. I always wanted to make ratatouille but it didn't occur to me.
I need to make the trip into the city to the Asian food store and stock up so that when the urge to make Thai food strikes I'm prepared.
Thank you again!

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11/6/12 1:21 P

For some reason, this topic got stuck in my head and I have a couple more for you.

Lentils Puttanesca - I loved served over barley, but it's really versatiel

This is the one you asked about - Spicy Thai Chicken Pasta. I use alfredo noodles, I don't know if that's the right word for them lol. I would bulk it up with broccoli, carrots, and snap peas. Sooo good.

Rustic Italian Tortelline Soup - I imagine you could omit the sausage and replace with extra beans. I usually add a can of cannelini just to get more out of it, anyway.

This is ratatoullie. You probably know this, but the eggplant needs to be chopped fairly small. Learned that the hard way!

Hope that helps you. :)

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11/6/12 12:50 P

"peanut sauce with alfredo noodles and chicken and veggies"
Yummy, I'm intrigued. Do you have a recipe or did you invent it?

LAURAAT Posts: 1,506
11/6/12 12:41 P

I can understand where you are coming from, I don't usually cook with ingredients like that, however I do try to cook veggie once/week.
I have gotten hubby to love things like lentil tacos and lentil, black bean and rice burritos. (Sorry, I know you said you were tired of lentils) Try and get creative with your protein source. I make a peanut sauce with alfredo noodles and chicken and veggies, which would be great if you omitted the chicken and just bulked up on veggies. No special ingredients. A veggie pizza is always awesome, and you can make th crust, buy the dough, or buy a premade crust. Thin veggie pizza rocks! I make a side dish of pasta, broccoli, and a little olive oil and red pepper. Bulk it up a big more and it could be a main dish. Chili is easy to make vegetarian, and there are a bunch of ways mix it up.
I hope that helps, or at least inspires you to come up with something new. Feel free to message me if you want more details on any of the recipes.

STRONG_SARAH Posts: 1,203
11/6/12 6:48 A

Hi everyone, I'm trying to cook healthier and so in the past weeks have been incorporating vegetarian dishes into my (mostly) carnivorous life. I'm getting a bit tired of lentil recipes and salads however and was wondering if I could get some other ideas? Where I live the grocery store is very basic and I don't have access to tofu, quinoa, mexican or asian ingredients. I have to travel an hour to get anything remotely 'exotic'.

What's your favorite vegetarian recipe not using those?
Thank you!

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