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JUDSTERF Posts: 3,977
2/17/13 11:11 P

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone. The last two days have gone much better since my Valentine's Day Nightmare.

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2/17/13 9:28 A

Sorry that you had ,what I call, a clumsy day but I'm also glad to know that someone else has the same problem. If I can hit it, stumble over it, spill it, drop it, etc. then I'm there. My dad and I share our clumsy days with each other. We call each other daily to share our mishaps. Needless to say we are on the phone constantly.

2/16/13 10:05 P

Just remember that we all have those days. It is ok to splurge and remember 'tomorrow is another day', like you said. :) I hope your day is going better now!

2/16/13 12:57 A

but, did you enjoy your day? you just gotta smile and keep movin' forward.

2/15/13 2:53 P

We have all had days like that. It rained where my husband band was playing. All evening - wet and soggy, that's how I spent my Valentine's Day, eating fried food emoticon but Thursday are my anything goes free day - so I didn't care emoticon emoticon Neither should you be upset with yesterday. Remember today is the day that matters, each and every day.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,587
2/15/13 1:55 P

Judy, love yourself and keep working at being healthy.

JUDSTERF Posts: 3,977
2/15/13 10:33 A

Started Valentine's Day with not one but two full 12-cup pots of coffee all over my countertops. Of course, I didn't notice it until it was done brewing!!! I was dropping things left and right throughout the day. Went shopping, bent over and my back went out - - yes, right there in the meat department of Walmart and my husband was conveniently disposed in the men's room. We ended up, later in the day, at Texas Roadhouse where I started my meal out with not one, not two, but three of their delicious hot rolls with honey butter!!! Then the peanuts, and then our delicious 6 oz sirloin steak, house salad with lite ranch dressing on the side and a sweet potato which, of course, was smothered in honey butter and a diet coke. I think you'd call it "EMOTIONAL EATING/BINGING". It all tasted heavenly. Now that I've gotten that all out of my system - - today is another day and another new start!!

On the bright side, I ended up with a beautiful ring with one diamond and 2 ruby stones, one on each side. It's gorgeous!!!

Today I was actually almost 1# down besides.


Now, I'm getting to go another round of PT for my shoulder.

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