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6/15/11 12:13 P

I would go with him with the idea that you probably won't workout the first time and wean him off you. Think of it as training for kindergarten and full time school. My son at first was worried that I would forget him and now I don't take him enough...just takes time.

6/13/11 1:31 A

that's a good idea... Just let him know ur going to come back. 10-15 min @ a time. My boys are 5 n 7 n they love going w me... They have the adventure zone there n basketball n video games n snacks emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon they ask me if we can go to the gym! LOL

SKINNYK8 Posts: 2
6/12/11 12:44 P

Do you have a friend who could swap babysitting time with you? Or family near by that could commit to watching him at least once a week & then you could do DVDs on the other days? Just offering suggestions because I know the daycare wasn't a good fit when my kids were that age but NOW they love it (at 5 & 7...the gym has actual active activities they can do while I work out & then we all go swimming together...unless I am working out when they are at school:)

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6/11/11 9:05 P

I like your idea of playing with him at the daycare. Maybe after a couple of times, you could leave for 5 minutes and come back, then leave for 10 minutes and come back, on and on and on. I bet if you set fun goals for him to finish while you were gone that he'd be too focused to miss you. I was colicky too as a baby and I feel bad that my parents could never sit with me! I went to one daycare provider for my entire childhood and only felt comfortable around her and my parents. I wish I had had more exposure to other sitters because I might not have been so shy around new people that way. Good luck!!

BANANAMAMA456 Posts: 16
6/10/11 11:25 A

I wish we had started earlier :( Yes Im with him 24/7 and if its not me its my FI. It all started bc he had terrible colic and no one would look after him for us , so we just got used to never asking people to look after him even after the colic was gone around 6 months.
Now we are starting to realize that he HAS to get used to being without one of to start that ....Im not really sure. LOL

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6/10/11 11:22 A

My 15 month old son has been going to daycare since he was 6 weeks old so it was super easy to take him to gym daycare.

Maybe you can take him to the daycare, but also leave him with different people at home, so he gets used to you leaving and different people being around. I'm assuming as a SAHM you are with him 24/7.

BANANAMAMA456 Posts: 16
6/10/11 10:59 A

I am a SAHM to my 1 1/2 year old son. My FI works A LOT so I find it hard to get to the gym. I do the Jillian Micheals DVD's at home, but I'd like to actually get to the gym.
About 10 months ago we tried to take my son to the daycare in the gym and he was soooo freaked out he cried so hard he threw up :( I havent tried to take him since.
Does anyone have any tips for getting him used to going there? If I go with him a couple times and just sit and play with him instead of going for a work out do you think that will help the transition ?
TIA :)

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