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4/14/12 7:01 P

Last month I was having really bad back pain on my right side..after the second night of unbearable pain..I went to the ER..(by then the pain was moving around to my front on that side..well in the ER I passed the stone with the help of pain meds..don't ever want that kind of pain again unless it produces a baby..just joking on the baby..i'm way to old for that. c u lighter

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4/14/12 1:47 A

First off, I am not a doctor and I do not even play one on But I had kidney stones a few years ago, they did cause a bunch of pain. I went in and had the doctors remove the stones (they cut some small holes in my back, now it looks like a couple of gun shot I was only in the hospital for a day or two as I recall but it was worth it. Some doctors say that cranberry juice does not help but I started drinking it after the surgery and I have not had any came back. Good Luck

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4/11/12 3:18 P

definitely get a second opinion.

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4/10/12 4:44 P

When my husband had a kidney stone, I did some research. Again, I am NOT a medical professional. But there are some sites on the internet that use trusted information.
408/137.html is certified by HONcode standards, for example. And it clearly says, "Kidney stone pain usually starts in the kidney or lower abdomen and later may move to the groin." So at the very least there might be some disagreement among healthcare providers on kidney stone pain. I agree with whoever suggested a second opinion.

I am sorry about the pain you are going through. I hope you can find some help.

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4/5/12 12:10 P

I'm not a doctor or nurse, and like the others, I can't give you medical advice, but I can assure you, as the wife of a chronic kidney stone sufferer, I know they can absolutely cause pain without causing a blockage.

I would recommend seeking a second opinion; urologists can be very dismissive of the pain relating to kidney issues, and it's important that your symptoms are treated. You may consider seeking out another specialist, as intermittent pain without explanation might be something other than the kidney stones. One thought is MS; A common symptom of MS is unexplained abdominal pain.

Continue to seek help for this, and don't let them keep shunting you back to the urologist... each specialist you see looks only at their area of the body, and assumes that if the problem's not there, it's not a problem.

Seek out a diagnostician, if you can. There may be other medical issues at play.

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4/5/12 9:08 A

Hi Dawn,

I am so sorry you have had pain for this long, but unfortunately our members and experts are not in the position to even begin to speculate as to what the problem can be, even if the discomfort you are experiencing is from kidney stones. A full medical evaluation is needed as well as an intensive medical history background.

I am so sorry.

Coach Nancy

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4/5/12 9:06 A

Dawn, the SP community can offer all sorts of support, and suggestions for healthy eating and exercise and life style option, but no one here is able to make medical suggestions--no doctor or nurse would likely feel it appropriate, or ethical.

Other members may share their experiences--and those may give you some ideas, but I don't think any medical professional will try to offer the kind of help you are looking for.

I hope you find relief soon.

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4/5/12 12:22 A

emoticon I am really frustrated because I know I have two kidney stones. At least one has been in me for the last 11 years. Off and on throughout my life I have had lower back pain down near my tail bone and pain on my left side especially after I eat. There is nothing else besides kidney stones that are showing up on the CT Scan or the Upper GI series they did on me last week! I know I am having pain off and on because I have been to the ER with it. However, my Urologist really believes that there is no way to have pain if it's not in my bladder causing a blockage! So I am really disgusted and don't know what to do! Can anyone help on here? I was hoping to get an opinion of a doctor or a nurse who knows a lot about kidney stones. Any help you can give me would be appreciated! Thanks!

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