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8/30/12 10:45 A

I also wonder if she was trying to be supportive in her own way? By saying you would look sick at 155, maybe what she was trying to say was that she accepts you as you are now, because she's your mom and she loves you? I think it's very hard for the people closest to us to support us in the ways we need, sometimes. I have similar issues with those closest to me, and it's very hard to deal with, and so frustrating at times. I'm sorry that she hurt your feelings, and made you feel unsupported!! Hang in there!!

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8/27/12 11:32 P

Be careful you aren't reading something into you mother's comment that isn't there. Parents tend NOT to push their kids into doing things and try to protect their feelings. She may have been trying to just tell you that you look fine. We don't always say the right things at the right time and in the right way. LOL

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8/27/12 1:26 P

Well hopefully you will get all the encouragement you need from the wonderful ppl here! I kinda have the opposite problem, my mother is a lifetime member of WW and is seriously committed to tracking everything and I just can't seem to....and although she is extremely supportive of the things I have accomplished I feel like well failure when I reach for that extra cookie or something when she's around...Oh well like you said we are adults and just wanna be healthy! More power to ya! emoticon

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8/27/12 11:23 A

So, I was talking with my mom yesterday about her recent weight loss, (after having jaw surgery) and I said offhand "Wow, wouldn't I love to be back to 155lbs" and her immediate response was "You would look sick.." I'm 5'10, before I had kids I was 155 at most, and could have shed some weight at that point, however it was a healthy weight for me. I couldn't believe how quick she was to shut me down, sure, I'm a long way from 155 now, and that's not even my current goal, however some day, I would love to get back down to that weight, or even below. I just feel like she is completely unsupportive of my decision to try and better myself.
Luckily, I'm a grown up, and I don't need my mother's approval to lose weight.
Anyway, I'm just venting, I was hoping for some words of encouragement from her, and got shut down instead. Oh well, just gives me one more goal to work towards, to get down to 155, and prove to her that I don't look "sick" but healthy.

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