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Actually, that really IS normal. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to gain weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? Nope. it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days. And did you ever notice that when you get TOM, pants that normally are loose tend to get tight ? Why ? Bloating. Bloating from water retention can cause a person's measurements to increase. But, don't worry, it's temporary and should pass in a few days.

It's been hot. If a person is the least bit dehydrated, they'll retain water and they might experience some bloating. There are many other reasons a woman could experiencing some bloating which will cause their measurements to increase.

In short, try not to obsess. These things happen on a regular basis. You'll notice these kinds of trends over the next few weeks and months.

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What you are experiencing is quite common. Don't worry! I have measured myself many times one, straight after the other - and the measurements have been different. Your differences could be a lot of reasons; how you hold yourself as in slightly tensing your muscles one time but not the other, the time of month, whether you have consumed something you have an intolerance to (for me it is milk - I would measure myself immediately before and 1/4 hr after consuming even a tiny bit of milk and nothing else - that could be enough to bloat me a couple inches or more - or a number of other reasons.

You have lost weight - CONGRATULATIONS - your nutrition and exercise has improved - WELL DONE! THAT is what I call results - don't go looking for the negatives.


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Sometimes when we tighten up muscles, they expand. I am not sure about the physics of it, but this happened to me a number of years back. The more I tightened up my body the more inches I gained. I don't recall it affecting my weight as much as my shape.

Stay with it. You are doing everything right. And I am hoping someone who can explain it better than me will give it a go.

9/1/12 7:12 P

As of last Saturday I had lost 8 lbs in August which had me chugging along right on schedule. However my waist measurement went up an inch and a half! How does this happen? I've carefully stayed in my calorie range, kept carbs & proteins in check, drank water, water everywhere & have actually increased my exercise so I'm burning more calories. I'm puzzled. I'm frustrated & I'd chuck it and have a burger and shake if I didn't know it would make me incredibly uncomfortable abdominally!
Is this a normal hurdle? Is there some new calorie math that I didn't hear about? Its a crazy lot of work to do & not be able to comfortably wear a pair of shorts that were baggy a week ago?

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