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7/2/12 9:50 P

I'm not sure what Kobo is, but it sounds like having it on your computer would be your only option.

Coach Denise

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7/1/12 8:39 P

I do have an e-reader - but it is a Kobo. I didn't see an app that would allow me to read the Ultimate Grilling Guide on it. Does that mean I'm stuck trying to read it on my computer (the only other device I have)?

6/29/12 6:24 P

Thanks! :)

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,549
6/29/12 9:26 A

You don't have to have a kindle, but it does only come as an e-book. For those that don't have a kindle, you can download the kindle app to your computer or other device that they offer an app for and read it through there (the apps are free):

Hope that helps!

6/29/12 12:31 A

Why do I need a Kindle to download that book? I want the book so bad but don't have a Kindle and have no plans to get one just yet emoticon

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