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4/27/12 12:59 P

Push ups - Level 1
Sit ups (30) - Level 3
Squats (36) - Level 3
Lunges (30 e/leg) - Level 3
Dips (10) - Level 1
Pullups 0 - Level 1 ended up modifying them but will probably need to go the gym - they have a assisted pullup machine and youtube has a video on how to use it to increase strength.

Also noteworthy is the 100pushups website has a logger to chart ones progress - that i really like.

Mountain Climbers w/good form - out of breath 45 seconds *whew*
Kettle Bell Swings - 1 min *whew* disappointing but its flipping hard work to keep good form and drive hips forward. An expert in Mens health said this is a complete exercise I can totally believe it - every muscle is engaged.

I am totally able to do more than this but this is what I can do continuous (without rest breaks) - i'll do another assessment in 2 weeks.

Okay so this is where I am - its a start :-) emoticon

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4/26/12 12:45 P

started the assessment today to see where i am. will post later

4/25/12 3:00 P

Summer Physique in 7 weeks - Ultimate M/W/F or T/Th/S Strength Building Challenge.
We are starting slow based on current individual fitness level and current abilities. We will be working up to the challenge goals below and will repeat the challenge in 7 weeks. You can join anytime just start from the initial assestment and build on from there. This is a self-directed challenge and while you should challenge yourself we all need to listen to our bodies and make adjustments/modifications when needed and concentrate on correct form to avoid injuries.

200 SQUATS (Strengthen & Tone Legs, Hips, Core, Rear)
200 LUNGES (Strengthen & Tone Legs, Thighs, Rear)
200 ABS (SITUPS) - (Core Strength)
100 PUSHUPS - (Strengthen and Tone Arms, Chest, Back)
25 PULLUPS - (Strengthen and Tone Back, Biceps and Torso)
& 150 DIPS - (increasing Arm Strength and Toning Triceps)

Go to the following website for a step by step plan for squats, situps, pushups, pullups, dips

Google youtube videos for lunges and pick your favorite. There are a couple different ways to do lunges types. Anyway, make your own 7wk routine.

5-20 minutes of KETTLE BELL SWINGS

Start Slow & Listen to your body. If you have muscle soreness do a light workout it will make you feel better and is definitely better than not doing anything. Drink Water!!!!!

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